How to Pick the Best Color Schemes

When it comes to starting a renovation in the home, these can be testing times which can lead to heated discussions and potential arguments with your partner. One of the biggest reasons for this, and one of the most difficult decisions to face is choosing the color scheme for your newly decorated room. I ran into an old college friend Steve Silvers and we got on to the topic of color schemes. During our chat, he gave me some great tips on how to choose your color scheme and I wanted to share them with you so that you can make the right choice, with ease.

All Out Theft

There are so many colors in the world which we can choose from and shades within each color that seem to know no bounds. For this reason it can be very easy to get sucked into to far too much detail when it comes to picking color schemes. For this reason, one of the best pieces of advice that you should take is that theft in this respect is no bad thing. Make sure that you are exposing yourself to a huge amount of designs both on the internet and in magazines, once you see a color scheme you like, take it wholesale for your newly decorated room.

Don’t Get Too Hung Up

We all want a room that looks great but in all honesty, as long as you have a smart looking room, you probably won’t pay attention to the colors once a month or two has passed. During the design process we get tricked almost into thinking that we are designing a room for the Queen of England and that everything needs to be of absolute perfection. Once you have decided on a basic color for your room, go with it and keep the tone changes simple, it isn’t always as important as you may think.


The best way to make a smart choice about your color scheme is to keep things simple and don’t try to create a Michelangelo-style masterpiece in your guest bedroom. The beauty of basic colors is that you can always had touches of color and flair with the things that you put in to it. If you give yourself a flexible background color then you can even alter the color scheme though the years simply by changing the furnishings and ornaments which you decorate it with, a far easier option than another wholesale redecoration. If you are in any doubts about what kind of color it is that you are after or perhaps you simply do not have a creative eye, then go for something clean and fresh, and add the sparkle with your furnishings.

How do you decide upon your color schemes? Let us know in the comments below.