7 Great Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Health

Starting healthy is the best way to stay healthy, but getting your kids invested in their own health might not be such an easy task. Obesity currently affects over 13 million children and adolescents in the US.

Poor health can have a huge impact on a kid’s mental health as well as making them more prone to illness throughout life. If you’re worried about your kid’s health then look no further. Here are some great ways to help get your kids engaged in the process of getting healthy.

1. Get Them Active

Kids should get an hour of moderate/vigorous exercise daily according to health experts. If your kids aren’t showing in interest in participating in sport then it’s time to get creative. Not all kids want to play soccer or join the various sports team their school offers.

Help your kid find their sport. They might want to try boxing, cycling, or swimming. They might even want to start lifting weights. Whatever it is support them on their quest to get active. Teach them that its an investment in better health later on.

2. Take Control of the Kitchen

Stock up the kitchen with healthy foods so your kids get used to them. When it comes to health care for kids it starts at home. Plan healthy meals and encourage healthy alternatives to the usual snacks.

3. Invest in Hygiene Rituals

Teaching your kids to look after their own hygiene is crucial for their health. Be sure to highlight the importance of good dental hygiene and the regular washing of hands. Having your kids take pride in their appearance can be a great start to helping them stay healthy.

4. Vitamins and Other Supplements

Whether you’re trying to help your child stave off illnesses or grow big and strong, there’s nothing wrong with giving them kids vitamins. It’s important to make sure your little ones receive all the vitamins and nutrients they need while they’re growing.

5. Encourage Openness

Making sure your child feels like they can be entirely open and share whatever is on their mind is essential for a kid’s mental health. Be sure to spend time discussing the ‘bigger’ questions with your child so they feel they have somewhere to go if something starts playing on their mind. Be open and caring, never judge or try and enforce your own beliefs.

6. Encourage Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleep is as important as exercise and diet. Kids can need up to 11 hours of sleep a night to function properly. Be sure to encourage a proper nighttime ritual. Make sure phones and computers aren’t used too close to bedtime. Try and get your kids to stick to the same time for going to sleep and waking up the next day.

7. Be The Perfect Role Model

Whether you like it or not, kids look up to their parents. If you want your kids to be healthy then you should show them what healthy looks like. Eat healthy, exercise, and be positive. If you’re complaining that there are too many vegetables on your plate and getting caught snacking on fried chicken and chocolate, then you’re setting your kids up to fail.

Kid’s Health Starts At Home

Children are so responsive to their environment that its important that you create the right kind. Making your home a model of good health will help to secure that your kids grow up healthy. If you want your kid’s health to be good then you need yours to be too. Good health starts with family meals and encouragement.

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