7 Ways To Get Crafty With Your Kids

Not all parents have a natural ability when it comes to doing arts and crafts, and that can cause problems when kids want to make something. Parents might feel unsure of what to do, or even try to dissuade their children from making something even though they want to. Or they might let the kids get on with it on their own, missing out on important bonding time. So here are some great ways to get craft with your kids even when you don’t normally do crafts. It’s great fun and you can spend time together, so try it out and see what happens.  

Start Small

Starting small is the best way to begin any new craft project with your children. Small has a number of different meanings here; firstly, it means that the project itself should be small in size. After all, you may want to keep it (and the kids definitely will!) so it should be something you can store somewhere, rather than something that might be so large it will take over the entire house.

Starting small also means that you shouldn’t make it a long project. Half an hour at the most should be enough time to get settled and make something lovely, but not enough time for it to become a boring task that the kids wander away from, which will leave you needing to finish it all and clear up the mess.

Limit The Supplies

You don’t want to have to go out and spend a fortune on art supplies when you might only use them once. Instead, buy the basics such as glue, card, scissors, crayons, and some paint. The rest of the items can be found around the home until you settle of exactly what kind of crafting you want to do. Old cereal boxes or detergent bottles can make excellent craft supplies as long as they are all cleaned up first so that they are safe to use.

A hot glue gun might be the one thing you definitely want to buy even if it does cost a little more than some of the other craft items available. This is a supremely important piece of equipment because it can basically stick anything to anything, making the whole process a lot easier. It needs to be used by an adult, though, so don’t leave it unattended with your children.

Every time you finish with something take a look at it and see if it might be a good addition to your art stockpile. This will save you from throwing it away which is better for the environment too.

Don’t Let It Get Messy

Something that can really put parents off when it comes to crafts is how messy it can all get. That’s not even the crafts themselves (which can, of course, get messy) but can often simply relate to how things are stored and put away.

If this is the case then it seems a shame that a child should miss out on doing something that they want to do, and that is good for them, because it might make things untidy. Therefore, take a look around for suitable storage containers to keep everything in. If the container is messy inside it really doesn’t matter – you just need somewhere to keep everything, preferably with a lid so that it can be shut away when it’s not in use and it won’t look awful around the home.

Look Online

If you really have no idea what kinds of things you can create with your kids then take a look online. There will be videos and websites dedicated to pretty much anything you might want to try. Search the web and you will find button design tips, rainy day ideas, how to make rockets and dinosaurs and dolly cars and so much more. The ideas are limitless and if you check them out in advance you can make sure you have exactly what you need before you begin your craft which will make things go a lot more smoothly and it will limit disappointment too.

Get The Right Protection

Protecting your furniture, carpets, and the kids themselves when it comes to making any kind of craft is essential. You don’t want to be enjoying yourself only to realize that a pot of paint or – worse – glitter has been knocked over and the mess is spreading quickly. That can really ruin a good time with your kids. Invest in some aprons and smocks and ensure you always keep old magazines and newspapers as these can be used to place over the floor or table and keep it clean. At the end of the craft session, all you have to do is collect everything up and throw it away, or recycle it where possible.

Make Sure You Join In

Getting everything set up and then tidying away again at the end of the make is not the same as actually getting involved and joining in. If your kids would like you to work with them then you should be happy to do so. Get your hands dirty (literally) and craft something. It doesn’t have to be a work of art and probably won’t be, but that’s not important; no one is going to judge you for having a fun, creative time with your children. Plus, you might even surprise yourself with just how creative you can really be.

Find A Safe Drying Place

This may not sound like the most important point when it comes to getting crafty with your kids, but it actually can make a big difference. A craft project that has been lovingly made and that you laughed and joked over needs to be able to dry safely. If it were to be destroyed that would be such a disappointment to everyone involved. Therefore, you need to find a good place for the project to dry properly where it won’t get touch or knocked or trodden on by pets. If you have a spare bedroom you could shut it in there until it is ready. Otherwise a high shelf or a cupboard will work. It just need to be untouched for a little while.