8 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Style Ideas to Consider

If you are doing a full kitchen renovation, you know there are several considerations to ponder, from countertop to cabinet doors. It may not be the easiest decision when it comes to selecting the various elements that you desire in your kitchen. However, you can get it right with your cabinet doors. Cabinet fronts may not be the most thought of design element when remodeling a kitchen, but there is a vast selection on the market that feature different designs, materials, and textures. Keep in mind your kitchen style when choosing cabinet doors, whether it’s country or modern. Here’s a look at 8 popular kitchen cabinet door style ideas to consider for your next kitchen renovation.

1. Bedboard Country Style Door

Beadboard cabinet doors with a bordered edge are an ideal fit for country style kitchens. Imagine having incredible farmland views of farmland from your kitchen window and these cabinets in the background will blend right in for the perfect picture. This style of cabinet door is full of cottage charm, but it may require a bit more cleaning and maintenance than some simpler styles.

2. Flat Cabinet Door

With a modern or contemporary style kitchen, flat cabinets would make an ideal addition. These doors are not all created with handles and clean easily. This affordable style can be used as a design element in creating a minimalist look in your kitchen.

3. Glass Cabinet Door

Feel like showing off your glassware or nice chinaware? Glass cabinet doors give you the freedom to do as such and it’s a simple way to create interest in your kitchen space as well as a focal point. Country kitchens are the perfect place to install these glass cabinets. You can choose whether you want colored or frosted glass if the clear glass is too revealing. Some effort may be needed to arrange or style the wares to make it an appealing presentation.

4. Heritage Cabinet Door

Heritage cabinet fronts bear some similarity to shaker cabinets with a raised central panel, but the woodwork is more intricately detailed. This style of cabinet doors is more traditional in design and is ideal for large kitchens where the extra detailing can stand on its own and not make the space appear cluttered.

5. Inset Cabinet Door

Inset cabinet doors sit inside the cabinet frame and showcase exposed hinges and smooth appearance. These cabinet fronts typically require bespoke fitting and custom joinery and can be pricey. Inset kitchen cabinets are not the most popular and it’s a style you generally find in luxury homes or grand estates.

6. Shaker Style Door

Shaker cabinet doors are known for their elegance and simple, yet functional design. These doors suit Scandi style kitchens, just as much as they do the modern kitchen. They are a great option for adding subtle kitchen details and for creating that classic look and feel.

7. Sliding Cabinet Door

With compact or limited kitchen space, sliding cabinet doors are functional and convenient and are also stylish doors as well. These cabinet doors fit well in a vintage/retro style kitchen.

8. Tongue and Groove Door

While similar to beadboard cabinet doors, tongue and groove doors lack an outlining border. They suit industrial kitchens and their minimalist aesthetic is appealing. Plus, the design offers texture and interest, but still creates a space that is uncluttered.

With these popular cabinet doors, you can create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. Whatever the kitchen style, you can find the best-suited cabinet to complement your design and space. Explore this list for your next kitchen renovation and see if there is an option here for you.