A Guide to Keeping All Generations of Your Family Healthy

Living in the sandwich generation can be difficult when you are expected to care for and look after the health of both the kids and the elderly people within your family. However, it is possible to make sure that your family stays well at any age, and here is a simple guide to ensure that everyone remains happy and in good health.


Babies are one of the easiest age categories to keep healthy as you can stay in complete control of them. To keep your baby healthy, you should take your baby for their vaccinations as soon as they are old enough, and make sure that you dress them appropriately and have the right equipment for them at all times. You should also consider breastfeeding them if you can, or find reputable powdered milk to give to your baby to help them to grow strong and get the nutrients that they need.


Kids can be incredibly demanding, and it can be a struggle to get them to stay healthy, especially if you have a fussy eater on your hands. However, to make sure that your kids can stay healthy for life, you should try to instill good habits within them in terms of eating well and looking after their teeth. You should also teach them to wash their hands regularly, and you might consider providing them with supplements, such as multi-vitamins. You should also consider teaching them about the importance of staying healthy, as this will help them to know how your demands can benefit them. For instance, there are many worksheets that you can print off that will allow them to get to know their bodies and how to look after them.


Teenagers can be difficult to keep healthy as they are in charge of their own life. However, you can encourage your teens to stay healthy by explaining to them the dangers of drugs and alcohol and the importance of wearing sunscreen and listening to music quietly. You should also provide them with a nutritious diet and be wary of them skipping meals. In addition to this, it is important to encourage them to speak about their mental health, which often starts to decline during high school and beyond.


To keep your elderly relatives happy and healthy, you should consider getting all of the family involved in ensuring that they stay active, attend their doctor’s appointments, and eat well. When you are looking after elderly people, if you are struggling to cope with the demands of their care, you should consider looking at senior living facilities for them. The many lifestyle options that are provided by Kettle Park Senior Living can help your elderly parents to live a full life no matter if they can remain independent or if they are starting to struggle with conditions like dementia. However, finding a home for them can allow you to concentrate on the younger generations and can help to prevent your time and energy from being split between these two dependent parties.

Don’t struggle by yourself

By following this guide, you will easily be able to ensure that every member of your family can stay healthy and full of energy, including yourself. However, remember, if you need help, never be afraid to ask those around you. Other friends and family will be there as a supportive helping hand to ensure that you look after yourself too.