Simple Hacks for Making Your Family Move Easier

We all know how much planning goes into a simple trip with small children and how stressful it can be to pack for it. Now imagine having to pack everything you own and transport it to a new house, especially if it’s in another town. Ouch. But panic not, as people move with families all across the country, and with the right moving company app, organization, and planning – you will manage, too. Let’s see what you should do to make this thing work.

While This Sounds Like a No Brainer – Plan Ahead

Moms are planners by nature and vocation, so you probably didn’t need us to tell you this. You also probably already know that things have a way of not going according to plan, especially with small children involved, but it is still very important to have some sort of a plan. So plan ahead and start packing and preparing early on. And we mean early on. Pack all those boxes from your basement, everyone’s seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, and everything you don’t use well ahead of time. You can even do it in baby steps, an hour or two a day, so you don’t get overwhelmed that early on.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company – It’s a Life Saver

You’re gonna need some sort of help in this relocation process, and you need to make sure you hire a reliable moving company. You know, one that will get the job done and get it done right, not make things worse and leave you with more work to do. You can use a moving company app to make sure you are only browsing through reputable movers. This way, you’ll be able to compare ratings left by people who have booked the services through the app and prices of moving services on the spot. It will save you a lot of time and potential trouble. Depending on your budget and your needs – entrust the movers with everything move-related and get that off your chest.

Talk to Your Kids and Get Them Involved

Your kids probably won’t be too excited about the move, even if it’s just a local one. They never are. They’re creatures of habit, and they can’t bear the thought of leaving their kindergarten or school buddies behind. They’ll also likely have tons of questions. So, tell them about the move as soon as possible, break it down for them nice and slow, and answer any questions they might have about it. If you won’t be able to visit, be upfront about it – if you are moving locally, promise them that they can still see their peers every once in a while (and then deliver on that promise). Get them interested in the new place by telling them about the great playgrounds and ice cream they have over there; you can even take them for a visit if possible. Make them a part of the process – they will feel more in charge and like they have a say in the matter. Ask them what color walls they would like in their new room or how they want to position their furniture. They will appreciate it.

Get Your Kids to Help Pack and Declutter

One of the key things to do while packing is to learn to let things go. Your kids probably won’t be able to do that and will want to keep all their toys, so this is your moment to shine as an organized mom. Get rid of all items no one from the family has worn for over a year – chances are no one will in the years to come. See what’s good enough to be given away and what goes in the trash. This also applies to your children’s old clothes and artwork. That box of pajamas and clothes your kid wore when he was three won’t ever see the light of the day, so it’s gotta go. If it’s good enough to be given away, do it, and keep some statement pieces as a memory. The same goes for their artwork and drawings – they are cute, but you don’t need a whole box of them, and there are many more to come, so keep some and toss the others. Then get your kids to help pack their things – it will keep them occupied, they’ll actually help and feel included. Win-win-win.

A Few Unpacking Tips

You will want to unpack your children’s things, the play area, and the kitchen first. You know kids – all they want to do is play and eat. Use that to your advantage. Give them a place to play, and make sure you can feed them easily, and you’ll have them out of your way so you can unpack everything else. To make the whole experience of moving easier for them, try to keep their usual routine and the family routine as it was. Additionally, you can add some new fun things to their routine connected with the new neighborhood/city, so they can get adjusted easily and quickly. And that’s about it. Plan, stay organized, get the kids involved, and you’re good. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – we are sure there are plenty of people eager to give you a helping hand.