A Guide To Measuring For Shower Screens

Your bathroom renovation project is still in the early planning stages, and you are ready to order the shower screens. Of course, you must measure the available space to ensure there is adequate space for the shower. Getting it wrong simply isn’t an option and with that in mind, here is some important information.

Essential Measurements

When measuring for a shower enclosure, the measurements for height, width, and depth need to be taken. Take each measurement twice, just to be sure, and there are certain variables such as the shower tray and any wall that might be out of plumb. If you have the room dimensions on a paper plan, take this with you when you visit your local bathroom showroom, and the staff can help you.

Start With A Drawing

There’s nothing better than a paper plan that shows the layout of the room. The plan should be ‘to scale, as this helps you gauge the proportions correctly. Measure the width from the wall to the outer edge of the proposed shower location, making sure the walls are plumb. The height is next and should be from the very top to the top of the shower tray; you might not want to go right up to the ceiling, as it isn’t always necessary. Add dimensions and other details to your diagram, which helps others to see all vital information.

Hinged Doors

If your shower has a hinged door that opens outwardly, measure up to make sure that the door can open while looking to see that a person also has room to move. You can get a lot of help, such as design assistance and measuring, from the bathroom designers Richmond or your location has.

Replacing An Old Shower Unit

It isn’t set in stone that your new shower has to go in the precise same space. A plumber can make short work of relocating a shower and going from an alcove to a corner shower is not a big deal. You might, for example, prefer the shower to be higher or lower, or even wider; adjustments can be made and if required, made to measure shower screens are the order of the day.

Costing The Project

If you are going down the DIY road, you will need to take note of all the materials and items you need before ordering them from a Woking bathroom shop or from your local suppliers. List all the tools and equipment you will need. Don’t start work unless you have everything you need onsite. If you require extra help, there are many YouTube videos that demonstrate every aspect of bathroom renovations. You can also consult a reputable bathroom designer, or even the in-house specialist in your chosen bathroom shop.

If you are not confident of your measuring ability, call in a bathroom renovation contractor and ask him to quote for the project. You supply the materials, and the contractor does the installation. You can also leave all the work to the professional.

Always choose brand names when buying bathroom furniture and appliances. You want quality that stands the test of time.