Tips For Your Trip To Newcastle

Newcastle has a lot to offer. Wondering what that is? Here are some of the best tips you can use for your next trip to Newcastle. 

Tips For A Trip To Newcastle: 

1. Prepare For The Dialect

You will find people from Newcastle have a special dialect that can be difficult to comprehend even if you are someone that is a native speaker of the English language. You can purchase a phrase book that will teach you some of the local sayings to help you better communicate with the people of Newcastle. 

2. There’s A Large Airport

You will find a very large airport that is located around 10 kilometers away from Newcastle. This is the airport where you will find flights incoming from other large cities in Europe and even places like Dubai. You can easily get to and from the airport by taking the metro found in the center of the city.

3. Renting a Car

You will find plenty of car rental companies at the airport. This can make it convenient for you to rent a car when you need it for your trip. Renting a car is recommended if you are going to be traveling in and around the city.

4. Plenty Of Parking

If you are going to be renting a car, you won’t have to worry too much about parking. The city itself has a lot of parking lots that you can park at. Keep in mind though, the majority of them require payment. You will find the most expensive parking in the city center like most places. You can easily save a lot of money by parking further away and walking to the center instead.

5. Go To The Center

The majority of the stuff that you will be doing and seeing around the city is concentrated in the city center. Because of this, you can easily get there and explore a lot of what Newcastle has to offer on foot. You will find plenty of public transportation options near these attractions and locations too. Look out for a Newcastle hotel discount in the city centre.

6. It’s Got a Subway

You can use the subway in Newcastle. It’s one of only 3 cities in the UK with a subway. It will take you pretty much anywhere you would want to go including areas in the suburbs. 

7. Buses Are Convenient

You can hop on a bus and it will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. It’s best to use buses over taxis. Taxis can get expensive. It’s best to avoid taxis if you are traveling alone because of the expense.

8. Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is popular among locals. You can act like a local by renting a bike. A bike will make it easier and cheaper to get around. The city itself is very bike friendly as there are special paths you can ride on. Some hotels will even offer you bikes for free if you are staying there.

9. Kings Gate Visitors Centre

This is the biggest travel agency in the area. You can head here if you want to learn about some of the upcoming events or to buy tickets for the bus and more.

10. Stowell Street Has Good Cheap Food

If you are looking to travel on a budget, you might want to check out Stowell Street. This is a place that has a lot of excellent Chinese Bistros that you can check out. You can also find other affordable restaurants in this area.

11. Escape Cruises

You can find a lot of well-organized cruises that you can take on the waterfront in the warmer months.

12. Sightseeing Buses

It’s always a good idea to hop on a sightseeing bus if you have limited time. The bus will take you to various key attractions throughout the area. 

13. Plenty Of Hotels

You don’t have to worry about accommodations. You can find a range of hotels at different price points in Newcastle. You can find one conveniently located if you book early. 

14. Grainger Town

This is easily one of the best places to visit and walk around. You will find preserved Victorian buildings and more. 

15. City Markets

Check out the city markets where you can find the best local farm products being sold. You will want to pay careful attention to the locally produced meats and cheeses for a delicious treat.