A Look into the History of Apple Watch

Tim Cook announced the first Apple Watch in September 2014 and the watch was first shipped in April next year. By 2015, the watch became the best selling wearable tech in the world. Since 2015, the brand has been updating the watch every year. It adds new features, refines the design and uses new technologies. The best features are related to your health and wellness. However, there are many other features that make it the most incredible tech wearable in the world. A small smart device with Apple Watch leather classic buckle can also be paired to your iPhone.

The Original Apple Watch

When the first Apple Watch was launched, there was no series number. However, there were three different lines. The first one was “Apple Watch”, the everyman edition. It was made from stainless steel. The Apple Watch Sport was the second one. It came with an aluminium build and bands. The watch was designed for athletes. The third one was the 18-karat gold – the Apple Watch Edition.

The Apple Watch Edition was a $17,000 fashion accessory. However, maybe because of the price tag, sales were not great and the watch was dropped next year.

The size of the original Apple Watch was 42mm and 38mm. It had Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pairing with the iPhone was required for internet access. All the three lines also had Side button, Digital Touch, Force Touch and Multi-Touch. There was an optical heart sensor as well.

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2

In 2016, the brand introduced the first update. Apple had already dropped the uber-expensive gold-made Apple Watch Edition. It also discontinued the “Apple Watch Sport”. Apple updated the sport version and renamed it. It was the Apple Watch Series 1. The brand introduced it as a new entry level model and dropped its price. The watch inherited the following features from the original one:

  • Side button
  • Digital Touch
  • Force Touch
  • Multi-Touch
  • Digital Crown

The Apple Watch Series 2 was also unveiled that year. An aluminium body was not the only feature that distinguished the Apple Watch Series 2 from the Apple Watch Series 1. There was built-in GPS in the series 2. Therefore, the Apple Watch Series 2 did not require pairing to the iPhone to get location data.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was introduced in 2017. This series came with a cellular option. This was the very first watch that allowed the wearer to connect to the internet. No pairing to an iPhone was required to access the internet.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 was introduced in 2018. This model was a major upgrade. It had a larger display. The size of the series 4 watch was 40mm and 44mm. The size of the models before the Apple Watch Series 4 was 38mm and 42mm. The series 4 also featured an electrical heart sensor (ECG/EKG). It was a significant improvement.

The watch was capable of checking the wearers’ heart rate. It was also capable of detecting a low or high heart rate and sending alerts.

Apple Watch Series 5

The brand unveiled Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019. This is the most recent series. Apple is most likely to announce the Apple Watch Series 6 this year around September. The Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on display. This feature has completely changed the way a wearer views and uses the tech wearable. casino 10 euro bez depozytu za samą rejestrację 

Shall you invest in the Apple Watch Series 5 or wait for the Series 6? Do some research and compare the features of both series. You don’t need to do any research to purchase an Apple Watch leather classic buckle or any other authentic leather buckle for the Apple Watch.