Alpman Ilker on Why He Loves Living in New York

I have always been interested in why people love where they live so much, personally I feel that I could live in most environments and be happy, whether that be out in the sticks or in the heart of a bustling city. I recently had a chat with my good friend Alpman Ilker who has lived in New York all of his life. I asked Alpman what it was that he loves so much about living in the Big Apple, and here is what he had to say on the matter.

Variety of Cultures

For Alpman he feels like New York is actually a condensed world in itself, with just about every race and nationality represented here. What he loves most however is the way that these cultures so perfectly intertwine with one another, under the umbrella of New York city. Although there are various areas and districts which are occupied by similar cultures, Little Italy for example, it isn’t strange to see a street with restaurants, bars and shops, which are owned and operated by a wide array of nationalities.


Many cities have problems with public transport but Alpman tells me that for him, New York has got their transport system just right. My friend commutes to and from work each day and tells me that he has a great many options in front of him from busses to underground, which can get him to work on time, and without any hassle at all.


New York is the home of Broadway and has one of the most exciting music scenes in the world. This for Alpman is yet another reason why he loves the city so much. Whether you are watching a music legend at Madison Square Garden, a stage show on its opening night in Broadway, or an up and coming musician in a small bar in Greenwich Village, there is always something going on and he considers New York to be the home of entertainment.


My friend stresses that New York really is the city where dreams can come true and this is what attracts so many people to NYC. The level of opportunities here for just about every profession are immeasurable and those looking to succeed in the arts, finance, marketing or even entrepreneurs, can all thrive here. Whilst there is heavy competition in a city of this size, there is also a huge amount of infrastructure in place to provide you with the tools you need to find success.

The Buzz

Finally Alpman talks about the loving the buzz of the city, its relentless and its constant activity which he describes as being like the heartbeat of the city itself. I would be quite happy to live in the countryside with a slow paced life, but for my buddy Alpman, this would be his worst nightmare and he is best at home when he is surrounded by some organized chaos.