Azhen Sanctuary: A Guide to Off-Grid Living

Have you heard the term off-grid for the first time and are unsure about what it means? It does not mean leaving your internet and cell phones forever. Neither it means running away from the government nor not buying anything from a store. 

Azhen Sanctuary is a 160-acre indigenous land that promotes self-reliance, indigenous education, permaculture, community life, and more. It teaches everything from holistic land management to regenerative farming. It allows you to participate in several workshops and learn more about off-grid lifestyles. 

What is Meant by Off-the-grid Living? 

Off-the-grid is a building characterized by self-reliance and free from public utilities. The traditional meaning of the word is not connected to the electric grid. This style of living teaches people to be self-sufficient and live sustainably.

People who want to reduce their cost of living and impact the environment are inclined to it. It is an excellent way for many to live a simple life and save money. When adopting an off-grid lifestyle, you will be responsible for food, shelter, power, and water. The homes will depend on their energy sources like the sun and the wind.

How Does Azhen Sanctuary Support Such a Living? 

Azhen Sanctuary is crucial in aligning people with nature and passing on indigenous knowledge. It has much to offer, from education courses to workshops and hosting cultural events. Please keep reading to know the offerings of the 160-acre indigenous land. 

  • One of the most excellent ways the off-grid sanctuary supports the lifestyle is by educating others. The online courses will help you learn how to buy and build a homestead. The founders, Jaymie Friesen and Shelby Friesen began their journey with no money and are teaching the same. You can get started with your off-grid dreams even if you’ve no money and bad credit. 
  • The off-grid sanctuary is one of the top permaculture sites in the making. Permaculture is a land management approach capable of turning a desert into an oasis. It encompasses each way a human interacts with the environment and one another. The goal is to give more than one take. One example is establishing a network of ponds holding 100 litres of water. The storage will be done for year-round use. The ponds are also designed to defend against wildfire by providing more pressure than a fire hydrant. 
  • You can be a part of an arsenal of workshops hosted by the off-grid sanctuary. You can learn how to stay close to nature, grow food, and live sustainably. They will teach you everything from finding funding to assessing and acquiring land. You can listen to songs and stories from the old while participating in a drum-making workshop. Want to learn about sweat lodge building? A workshop is available for that too. 

Apart from getting involved in these workshops and cultural events, you can also find ways to relax. Say yes to saunas and hydrotherapy spas to enjoy. You can learn valuable skills while spending quality time with knowledgeable people. Remember to taste the legendary meals offered during the retreats and workshops. 

Bottom Line 

If permanence is not on your mind, you can opt for a temporary stay to rejuvenate. Whether you are looking for a stay, an event, or a tour, it is best to enquire beforehand. Have a plan ready to make the most of your off-grid experience.

Many people have abandoned their homes to live an off-grid lifestyle. If you wish to do the same, join the off-grid community. The right machinery, equipment, and guidance can make it possible in no time.