Baby Gift Box Ideas from the Pros


Shopping for someone else’s baby is a lot less pleasurable for the uninitiated. It can be tough lining up what baby gift ideas are appropriate for the age group of a child, and even more difficult to get something original that others haven’t considered.

The purpose of this article is to help you leverage our understanding of baby gift shopping so you can get this whole baby gift thing down.

Baby Gift Box Inspiration

Pinterest and other social media network websites are notorious for having some stellar inspiration for baby gift boxes. From cute and cuddlies right through to every functional gift you could think up –savvy moms and aunties all around the world have been consolidating a vast baby gift inspiration database!

Here are a few of the favourite baby gifts and gift-giving tips we’ve found.

  1. Know who you are buying for

Knowing the gender of the baby in advance is definitely a bonus, but not required. On the other hand, knowing the parent somewhat well will really help.

Combining function with the interests and loves of the parents will ensure your baby gift box is well received. There is no one-size-fits-all baby gift. (Ok, there is and we will cover it next).

  1. The One Size Fits All Baby Gift

Diapers. Lots and lots of diapers. Most moms will agree, they really want diapers. If you are going to buy diapers for a new-born, choose wisely. Most brands are labelled, but when it comes to diapers, I’m sure the surprise and wonder will still be intact if you call up the parents and ask what size to buy in advance.

  1. Baby Clothing Gifts

If you are considering baby clothing to add to your baby gift box, think seasonally and immediately. Any nice warm winter baby sleeper you buy for your friend’s baby in April likely won’t fit in September when they will actually need it.

Babies grow. Fast. Take heed.

  1. Safety First

Do not be that person who tries to save a buck on a slightly lower priced appliance or what-have-you like a cradle only to compromise on safety and those helpful safety certifications the Western world prides itself on.

You could lose a friendship for it, and in the very least you will be judged as the friend who tried to kill their baby. Parents are sensitive to this sorta’ stuff.

  1. Take it Further

Function: Check. Fashion: Oh, yeah. Safety: Hooyah! Now how about environmental friendliness? Going organic or environmentally friendly in one way or another is an additional way to say “we care about your baby, its safety, and the world of tomorrow it will inhabit”.

Free of chemicals, hormones, and other baddies –while making the world a less of a damaged place? That feeling is like winning the lottery for new parents. Good job, well done.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the hierarchy of importance when it comes to baby gift box giving is as follows; function, safety, fashion, eco-friendliness, and oh yeah –money.

If you are in doubt of what to buy, all parents love gift certificates for baby things or adult things so never forget to celebrate the parents as well as the baby!