Be a Cash Madam: 5 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women in 2019

Do you feel underpaid in your current job?

Today’s women often hold down the home front. Not only do they keep the home intact, but they often contribute to or even take over the bills. Sometimes, though, it might seem like you aren’t making enough at your current job to make ends meet.

If you feel underpaid, you can change your career! Learn about the highest-paying jobs for women here.

5 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women

Does your education deserve a higher salary?

Life gets expensive. Bills and dealing with children adds up, and the money that you earned years ago doesn’t have the same buying power that it once did. Don’t stay in a job you sort of like with a salary that offends you.

You have options! Read on to learn what jobs to apply for to make the most money.

  1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists often work in hospitals or drug stores, dispensing prescription medication to patients. More importantly, pharmacists counsel people on how to properly use the medication.

The constant need for medications puts pharmacists in high demand. This makes it a high paying position.

Experts name pharmacist as the most equal position for men and women. It typically pays women in the six figures at about 92 cents to the dollar for men.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

Many women go into nursing because they want to help people. However, you can still get paid serious money for doing what you love as a nurse practitioner.

In this position, the nurse works under the direct supervision of a doctor to treat many medical conditions. They can also diagnose, prescribe medication, and cultivate treatment plans.

If you work as a registered nurse, you may take on long hours with limited power and less pay than you deserve. Receiving the certification to work as a nurse practitioner will give you more authority and money in your paycheck!

  1. Lawyer

If you can articulate your words and negotiate well, you may want to consider a career as a lawyer. Both male and female lawyers make $113,992 on average, as of 2009.

As a lawyer, you can defend people and ensure that they receive their natural rights as American citizens. You’ll need several years of schooling, but once you’re finished you’ll make some bank!

  1. Surgeon

Do you ever watch Grey’s Anatomy and envy that life? Now’s the time to live it!

Yes, it requires 4 years of schooling and then up to ten years of interning, but the average salary of $224,000 makes it time well spent!

Surgeons operate on patients to save lives and help them live well, making it a very rewarding job. You can even choose from a wide array of specialties depending on your interests!

This career will help you build financial security for your future, but of course, the government will get their cut. Check out to see where money withheld from your paycheck goes.

  1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst establishes standard costs of a business, collects data on operational costs, and helps improve the financial condition of a company, bond, or investment. This is one of the better-paying jobs for women.

If you want to grow your salary and possess strengths in communication, reporting, planning, finance, and budgeting, then you may want to consider this career! Financial analysts tend to work in banks, insurance companies, and large corporations.

Earn the Salary You Deserve!

Taking care of a family gets expensive. It also takes a lot of time and energy, but that should not stop you from pursuing a career you love and salary you deserve. Now that you know the highest-paying jobs for women, make the move to improve!

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