Bedroom Storage Hacks for a Calm and Restful Place

If your bedroom isn’t exactly luxurious, you might be pressed for finding some way to store all your stuff and still have a place that feels like a bedroom. One of the most important aspects of home staging is to make sure that every room looks its best, and that is only possible if a room does not look cluttered. With these tips, whether you are fixing up the room for you to live more comfortably or because you need to show it off, you will certainly get a better end result.

Choose multi-purpose furniture

If your bookcase can double as a table, you instantly gain some extra space and utility. You can find all kinds of furniture that has been designed with space saving in mind, and some of the designs can be really clever.

Furniture that is designed to fit into corners is always good

When an item of furniture is designed to fit neatly into a corner, it saves a considerable amount of space over traditional furniture. This type of furniture is more compact but still offers the same amount of storage space due to the angular design.

Tall is better than wide or long

When there is not much floor space, it is better if storage spaces are vertical rather than horizontal. The exception is when you are multi-purposing as described earlier.

Modify existing furniture to make it do more

Maybe you have a nice big desk that you don’t push back against the wall. If so, did you ever think you could add some shelves to the back of it and put things on them? You can also add shelves to places such as the sides of closets, so that you gain more storage space, and without a large expense.

Add some coat hooks to the back of the door

This is an easy one, and gives you a place to hang up your coat and other accessories without having to use closet space. That means you will have more space in your closet for other things.

Don’t throw out your old drawers

If you have furniture that has seen better days, you may be ready to throw it out, but often there could be perfectly useful shelves and drawers tucked away inside that you could actually recycle and use for something else. It depends a bit on the design, but if they are mostly constructed from flat boards, all you need is a hammer to bang them apart and turn them into shelves.

Use stationery clamps to organize cables and cords

By placing these in strategic locations, you can avoid the chaos of tangled cables and cords, so you don’t have to worry about tripping, and also you’re much less likely to damage sensitive electrical equipment. This may even reduce your risk of electrocuting yourself!

Wine racks are useful items

Wine racks are intended for storing wine, but you can put them to use in a number of ways to store many other items. Everything from towels to shoes, in fact. So the next time you see a wine rack for sale in your local store, think about how you can use that in your bedroom and help in your bid to create a calm and restful space that’s a pleasure to spend time in