Why are Radiators Placed Under Windows?


In a world obsessed with iPhones and silicon, there are still a handful of technologies from over a century ago that are incredibly relevant today. Heck, you could probably even retrofit modern mobile devices to control them at the touch of a button!

The old bygone era technology we are referring to today in this article is none other than that of the lowly cast iron radiator. Older than the telephone, and when spoken of today’s millennials still actually know what we’re talking about. After all, how many young adults today understand what it means to “hang up the phone” or what the “save” icon in their word processor represents?

So, back to the topic at hand; what is the one notable way this antiquity of a home fixture is able to solve the modern day problem of the energy bill? Simple. Keep reading.

UK Power by the Numbers: Motivation to Save Money

So why would anyone want to save some money on their electricity bill? How much does the average energy consumer pay to power their home and all their modern toys?

According to the BBC, the average energy consumer will pay approximately £1,264 annually. And we suspect that’s with a lean to the frugal working class –energy is not cheap.

So, about those radiators..

The best place to put an old fashioned cast iron radiator is below any and every window in your home.

Why do People Put Radiators Under their Windows?

The answer to this is a little more or less obvious, depending on the age the home that you’re living in. Those who live in more contemporary homes, with all their modern fixtures, doors, and windows just might not get it; whereas those in older heritage homes know exactly what I’m talking about.

Windows, whether the old wood and glass types found in older homes, or those newer ones made from synthetic materials still lower the temperature of any given room in the winter time, and lose their cool in the summer. The temperature differential they create can become quite costly in the long run. Pennies on an hour become hundreds of pounds per annum; there’s no other way to look at it.

So the truth of the matter is that any kind of home can benefit greatly from implementing a radiator system in their homes and you don’t need a time machine to pick one up; modern home radiators come with a lot of advantages! For instance, there are some pretty ingenious bay window radiators for curved windows that are themselves curved; these aren’t your daddy’s radiators.

With the space and money you save, you can put more emphasis on the quality of your living space.

While there are a big selection of cast iron radiators on the market, the benefits of a curved radiator in your humble home can create space instead of limiting it like the ones of old.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, radiators can help reduce energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint in a big way.

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