Benefits of Hosting a Christmas Lunch Versus a Christmas Party in Essex

If you’re responsible for planning this year’s Christmas event for your family or friends, you want to make sure that you plan the right type of gathering to encourage everyone to have a great time. While some groups of people prefer to share memories of the past year over a gourmet meal, others like to kick back and cut loose over a boozy night out. The kind of venue, decorations, and entertainment you should book all depends on the type of event you want to have. The first major decision you have to get out of the way is whether you should have a Christmas lunch, or a party held in the evening.

Advantages of Having a Christmas Lunch

A Christmas lunch can be a lot of fun for the right group of people. If you’re going to be seeing family and friends you haven’t seen all year, a lunch is great because it allows everyone time to sit and catch up in a quieter space. It’s also a good choice if you know your guest list includes a range of ages such as senior citizens, children, and adults. A lunch can also be held in many different types of venues, from the local pub to a fancy hotel in the city centre.

Advantages of Having a Party at Night

Great Christmas parties are the memories that can stay with people for many years. With merriment in the air and the alcohol flowing, it’s easy to get everyone in a good mood. Night Christmas parties typically last longer than lunches, giving you time to do more things. You can exchange gifts, swap stories, make toasts to your friends, eat a meal, and do some dancing; all in the space of the party time. Plus, a night Christmas party gives your friends or employees an excuse to get dressed up, get a babysitter, and have a good time. It can be a great break from the stress of getting ready for the holidays, but it can be harder on your budget, especially if you’re going to decorate and hire a DJ or band.

How Can You Make a Choice?

The key to making the right choice for your event is knowing your guest list. Are they lively people who are likely to enjoy the chance to cut loose, or are they more intellectual types who prefer stimulating conversation? The setting you choose and the timing of your party should match the preferences of most of the people who will be attending to help them feel comfortable.

No matter what kind of holiday celebration you’re going to have, choosing the right place from the wealth of Christmas Party Venues in Essex is a tough decision. There

are many great local places where you can host a lunch or a Christmas party and wish the year a farewell.

and have a wonderful time.