Fun Things to Do with Christmas Wrapping Paper

When you want to have a little fun during the Christmas season, then the tradition of wrapping presents can be a great way to express yourself. Wrapping a gift takes a lot of thought and effort. Whether it is a small one or a big one, you will still need to be patient when wrapping a gift. So why not make the process a fun-filled one?

Here are a few quick yet fun ideas to make more of the Christmas wrapping paper and accoutrements to wrap the gift in a creative, but fun way:

1. Personalise Gift Tags

You can either make your own by cutting out pieces of wrapping paper in fun shapes, or you can buy sets that include pre-shaped tags that just need to be decorated. You can customize it by whatever you want to add to them. A fun way to make tags that steal the show involves layering different Christmas papers together, with each layer being a bit smaller than the last. This gives you an amazing 3D effect.

2. Make Your Own Gift Bags

While you can buy pre-made gift bags and boxes, you can also make your own from wrapping paper. A number of different tutorials online will show you how to make bags, boxes, and even little shirts for wine bottles and more. Most of the time, the folding is quite simple, and all you will need to complete the process is a stapler or double-sided tape.

3. Use Shredded Tissue Paper

While tissue paper is commonly used with gifts, not many people use shredded tissue paper to really make their baskets and boxes look more interesting. You can pair several different colours together or fill each basket with a different colour, making it easy to tell at a glance who is going to get which gift. This is a great way to protect sensitive or delicate items as their small size provides superior padding.

4. Curl Your Own Wrapping Paper Ribbon

You can take a pair of scissors to the underside of most papers and pull with one blade against the paper, creating a ribbon. This can make it easy to match your ribbon to your wrapping paper and gives you a way to ensure that you won’t waste small scraps of wrapping paper that just didn’t seem to work with any of your gifts.

5. Create Over the Top Bows

Using ribbons, handmade ribbons, speciality bows, and even a few tricks of your own, you can make huge bows that call attention to your gifts. These are great when you feel like your gift is a bit plain, you were running out of paper and didn’t seem to make a nice-looking package, or if you just want to see the person receiving the gift light up. This is a great way to have fun at the end of the day as well, seeing just how well different elements pair with each other.

While wrapping can seem like a bit of a chore during the holidays, when you have a bit of fun with it, it can become your favourite part of the holidays.

make it easier for your wrap and give gifts in the years to come.