Bringing a room together with vinyl flooring

When we talk about personality things such as hobbies, lifestyle and taste come to mind. These are all factors which contribute to the making of vinyl flooring for your home. Whether you’re an interior designer with a client profile to work to, or just a home owner wanting to enhance the look and feel of your property, you will see many benefits from fitting your home with vinyl flooring.

If you’re not sure what some of these outstanding factors are, be sure to keep reading…

Flooring that works with your furniture

Maybe the style and feel of your furniture doesn’t take priority in your list of things to consider in the design process, but it is nice to know that it is possible for your favourite armchair or antique coffee table to be paired well with a vinyl flooring style of your choosing.

There are a range of textures replicated by tiles or planks which can help you establish a vintage, chic, or even bohemian styled room. Woods are often the go-to but thanks to the wonders of technology, you’re going to get shade of oak, maple or chestnut (and more) which is everlasting.

If you’re thinking of something cooler for your interior, then try looking at marble or stone effects. These textures come in many monochrome or neutral shades which can be perfect for adding luxury to large spaces and can incorporate borders.

Design specialist or DIY

The cleverest aspect of vinyl flooring is the installation. The glue or click down methods are extremely popular with interior designer and with DIY fanatics, who like to have complete independence over changes to their home. Both methods are simple and will make your flooring look like it was fitted by a design specialist – no one will ever know!

Add a personal touch

If you’ve got a favourite piece of furniture or just have your eye on a new dining set, why not focus your design scheme around that item. That way you have focal point and leave a lot to be desired with the rest of the room, to be filled as you want.

If you have dark item which you’re looking to exhibit in your room, you should opt for lighter oak or stripped wood flooring vinyl replicas. Vice versa, if you have a lighter object that you want to show off then use darker flooring such as mahogany or even red wine toned oaks to bring that item of furniture centre stage.

Light colours are a bright idea

It is important that the rest of your room falls in with the style and colour patterns of the walls and floors. Keeping the light in if you have opted for a darker flooring colour palette can be made simple by selecting white or cream curtains or a minimalistic set of light oak blinds.

Expertise from professionals

To really bring your home together, it’s a good idea to start with the larger areas of the room such as the walls and flooring. Seeking advice from a professional will lead you to the many benefits of the vinyl flooring options for total or partial renovation of your home.

Amtico is a leading manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring, with an eclectic range of flooring to suit all types of rooms. Luvanto will push an outdated property into the 21st Century with a fabulous collection of stone and dark woofs to make you home look lavish. Invictus has a neat way of bringing urban materials into a home setting through the ranges such as Optimus and Maximus.

Whichever way you want to bring a room together, do it with vinyl flooring.