Bringing Up Our Kids the Montessori Way! 

The most popular theory of education is the Montessori-method, created by Dr. Maria Montessori. Her framework was based on her observations of children from early childhood unto adulthood. And this framework has worked across all cultures as more and more schools all over the world, like the Montessori school in Singapore named Global Indian International School, adapt to the framework.

But if it such an effective way to teach students, can we use it for parenting as well? It makes sense since holistic education requires that we encourage our child’s natural inquisitiveness and what better way to it than to reinforce the Montessori landscape at home.

So here are ways in which we can use the Montessori Method in holistically raising our kids.

Create a space for them

The Montessori-method is mostly child-led learning because it facilitates independent learning and creativity. Especially during their early childhood years, children can be very imaginative, and there needs to be a private space where they can openly express this creativity. You can set up tables, chairs, study materials, even art supplies.

Keep interference to a minimum, guiding them only when you think something needs correction. But other than that, you can leave them to their own devices in their corner.

Start various gardening projects

Dr. Maria Montessori also teaches students the importance of taking care of the environment, of fostering an appreciation for nature and wildlife. So to keep this lesson going, you can start different gardening projects you can do with your kids.

For instance, you can make a garden bed and plant seasonal fruits or vegetables. You can also schedule visits in the park and tours around wildlife centres.

Communicate with them articulately

We’re all tempted to talk cute when it comes to our younger kids, but it might be detrimental to the development of their vocabulary. Tell them the names of objects clearly, explain lessons to them articulately, and have a regular conversation with them so they can have the opportunity to communicate clearly with you. Remember to be respectful when you communicate with them; do not be patronising.

Allow them to self-correct

They must learn to pinpoint their own mistake and correct it on their own. If you are buying study materials, consider getting Montessori study materials. These usually provide the kids with the opportunity to correct themselves or leaves a margin of error. And if you are tutoring them for the day, remember to practice patience. If they cannot get a concept the first or the second time, let it go and explain it again the next day.

Teach them to clean as they go

Teach them that while they have their own space to move freely, they must keep it clean and organised. This teaches them responsibility and being mindful of what they are doing. Show them where the books and toys go, how to use a rag if they need to wipe something, or to ask for help if they need it.

Holistic education aims to produce students who are socially aware and academically competent leaders of tomorrow. In that case, we have the responsibility to make sure that our kids grow up to know that while reaching their potential is important, it is imperative that they use it for good.