Buying An Artificial Christmas Tree – Things To Consider


Artificial Christmas trees give us the chance to enjoy all of the trappings of the season, without dealing with the problems that tend to accompany a natural one. It is easy to save money on your purchase by hunting for useful Kohl’s coupons and the following helpful hints will provide you with all the assistance you need when it comes to buying an artificial Christmas tree!

Purchase The Best Tree Possible

While this may seem like an obvious piece of advice, there are many who will attempt to save money by purchasing a low end artificial Christmas tree. Buying a top notch one requires a larger initial investment, but it will yield a tree with a much longer shelf life and a more lifelike appearance! The best trees come with at least a ten year warranty from their manufacturer, while some may even have 25 years.

Measure The Area First

It is imperative that you measure the area where the tree will be kept prior to making the purchase. Know your ceiling’s height and be sure to leave room, so that you can add a tree topper. You’ll also want to thoroughly evaluate the width of the room, so you know how far you can expand. If the tree that you select ends up crowding out all of your furniture, the resulting effect is somewhat tacky. The tree’s storage area must also be measured.

Lighting Your Tree

A pre-lit tree may cost more in the short term, but saves you valuable time and money that is not spent on the purchase and stringing of several dozen light strings. Such trees keep you from replacing bulbs year after year. And when it comes to your lights, the more is not the merrier. Their sockets should be twist proof and the bulbs should be placed every 8 to 10 inches, as opposed to every 4 to 6 inches.

Choosing The Proper Stand

Plastic artificial tree stands must be avoided at all costs. When you check the product, it should be made of a solid metal or steel. For the best results, the width of the stand must be in proper proportion with the height of the tree. Stands should also have screws that allow you to adjust the trunk accordingly.

Tree Colors

Artificial Christmas tree colors are varied. You should not make choices based on the image that you see on the box, check the color of the actual tree first. If you choose an evergreen one, the color should be realistic, instead of being too bright or too dull. You can also select a white tree or decide to choose from more vibrant colors like pink, yellow and red if you really want to stand out this season!




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