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Cats are sweet, and the cuteness of a kitten is highly irresistible. Their curious, big colorful eyes and tiny paws can melt your heart away. Their playful personalities and their trust in their owners are indeed priceless. They might not return you the same warmth and love initially, but once they start owning you, they will roam with you all around the house and wait for you to come home and greet you. Around 30% of the households in the US have a pet cat. Surprisingly, many people are not even aware of how to take care of a cat.

The idea of having a pet and receiving unconditional love is so exciting but do you know everything you should about having a pet? As a first tie pet owner with no prior experience of having any pet, it might be not easy, but you can still learn how to train a cat. Even if you already have a cat and bring a new one home, you still need to understand the measures you need to follow. Having a cat or kitten as a pet, one has to be careful and cautious to look after them and train them the way you want.

Cat owners who are new at the experience are more likely to make mistakes while looking after their pets. One of the cat’s common myths is that they are easy to keep and do not need much care. The reality, however, is the opposite of it. Are you worried about the litter smell and about arranging litter every time you need to replace it? Avail of the cat litter delivery services in your area and receive it at your doorstep.  Be it a cat or a kitten; they need some training to understand what you want from them and how they have to adjust to your house. Avoid these common mistakes as a pet owner and enjoy the unconditional love of your cat.

1. Having a cat on impulse

If we buy a new dress or a pair of shoes out of impulse, it may work, and we have a solution for it. If we do not like it, we can return it. When you think about buying a cat just because you wanted the one your neighbor has, it shall not have to be an impulsive decision. Buying or adopting a cat at the spur of the moment might not work for everyone. It goes both ways; the owner may not find the decision function the way they thought it would. Also, the cat might not adjust to your surroundings. Having a cat shall be a thoughtful decision instead of picking one at random. Consider all your options, learn about their health, their temperaments, ad behaviors, and decide if you can deal with it or not.

2. Ignoring the long-term commitment

Just like our kids need time and attention, no matter their age, cats demand the same. Many cats owner adopt or buy a cat and ignore long-term commitments. As the kitten grows, the cost of keeping a cat also mounts up. If you are looking for a short-term pet, then do not opt for having a cat. Pets have an emotional attachment to their owners, and abandoning them because you are not ready for a long commitment can leave them traumatized. It will not be fair if after a month you realize that you do not have enough money to afford the food for the two of you and one has to go.

3. Choosing to declaw

Fed up of all the cat scratches at your furniture and seeing your favorite couch torn up? You might want to get rid of their claws but imagine how you feel if someone rips off your nails? Unless there is a valid medical condition or a severe injury, you can declaw your cat, but saving your furniture is not at all fair. Declawing is not just the removal of their claws but also entails removing the bone itself. As a pet owner, this would be so cruel on your part, and you might save your furniture, but your cat will be in pain forever. You can upgrade your sofa’s fabric or buy a scratch post for your cat but do not opt for declawing, please.

4. Not getting them spayed

When we hear the word kitten season, it is not a myth, but it exists. Cats give birth to many kittens, and it happens every year at every shelter that kittens and cats are looking for a new home. If you plan to have more than one cat and have enough space at your house, you can let them breed. But it wise to get them spayed or neutered if you don’t want any more cats and kittens in your home. Cats tend to get pregnant early as 4 to 6 months, so do not delay the spaying if you do not want them to have kittens.

5. No parasite control

Cat’s fur is the favorite spot for fleas and ticks, and once they get to hold of your cat’s fur, they will make them run for their life. Ticks and fleas are common in pets, but ignoring their presence can not only make your cat fall sick, but it also becomes hard to control them. To avoid parasite attacks, buy your cat an anti-flea collar or give them sulfur baths to prevent the microorganisms and parasites at bay.


Our pets hold a sentimental value and soon become an integral part of our lives. They are the best companions a person can ever have. Your cat owns you too, and they communicate by meowing. Their small playful acts are so heartwarming and can make you smile in an instant. A slight mistake can make their lives miserable, and seeing them in pain will not make us happy either. When you own a cat, it is your responsibility to give them the best care and love and fulfill their needs.