The Best 5 Family Dogs

Adding a dog to your family will be the one of the best decisions you ever make, these loving creatures are a never ending source of joy and are the perfect family pet, providing of course that you choose the right breed for all of your needs.

With this in mind here is a list of dogs that will be perfect for your family.



Despite their angry appearance, the friendly Bulldog is a perfect family dog, these thick set dogs can withstand the boisterous nature of kids and are known to strike up close bonds with them as they offer incredible loyalty and love human attention. The Bulldog is a great source of amusement too with their snoring and slobbering. The dogs are very protective over their home and are considered average shedders, simply put, the Bulldog ticks all the boxes as a great family pet.

Labrador Retriever


The Labrador would be a great fit for all the family, they thrive on exercise and play and shower you in love. Lab’s are independent so don’t require round-the-clock attention, great for those with busier lives. Labrador’s share a child’s zest for life and will give unconditional loyalty. These dogs are gentle and adapt well to humans, they can be easily trained and are not difficult to look after. The Lab has been regularly voted America’s best loved dog and will be the ideal addition to your family.



The hilariously named Cockapoo is a medium sized dog that have a long life expectancy at around 16 years. These dogs have a soft coat and rarely shed, they are intelligent and easily trained. The dogs love being around people and will match the energy of children. The Cockapoo is largely an indoor dog but still loves to go out and play, great for those who can’t commit to a daily walk. With such a peaceful and friendly nature this breed will make the perfect family pet.



The Beagle is a medium sized, playful, athletic, loving and loyal breed and would be a great choice for a family dog. Beagles require a lot of activity and love to bound about, they are mild mannered around humans and love playing with kids. This breed comes from a line of Hounds so they don’t enjoy being alone and will require plenty of care and attention, but in return this floppy eared bundle of joy will give you unconditional love, a great pet for the family.



This loveable dog is not only super friendly but is very intelligent, easy to train and will adapt seamlessly to your family home. The Boxer is easy to care for, sheds moderately and has boundless energy when it comes to playtime. Boxers are incredibly robust dogs so can easily put up with kids and their mischievous nature will keep you entertained for hours. These dogs are affectionate and protective and love being a part of a human ‘pack,’ making them an ideal choice for you and your family.

Any one of these dogs will bring joy and love to your family home and within a short space of time become a fully fledged family member.