Décor like Never Before

Interior design is one of those industries that is continually integrating new technology, and products to create spectacular effects and design concepts. Mosaic tiles are no exception. The tiles that you will find in the market place today are far from being the same old humdrum tile options of years past. Materials and Finishes Mosaic …

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Prepare for the Heat

Whether you believe in global warming or not, the planet’s climates are changing; and with on average 2,800 hours of annual sunshine, Brisbane and the Gold Coast get plenty of heat already to prepare for. That is why you need to maintain your cooling system regularly to keep it from breaking down on you in …

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Flowers – Which type do you send for which occasion?

It is common knowledge that different types of flowers have different meaning depending on the color. However did you know that there are also flowers for each month of the year, and specific flowers for specific holidays or occasions? Here’s a basic flower tutorial to help keep you sending the message that you mean to …

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