Choosing the Right Accommodation for Your Ski Vacation

When it comes to a ski vacation, your main focus should be on riding the slopes, wearing the right gear to stay warm and socializing with your family/friends. However, another important facet about any vacation is the accommodation you decide to go with. If you don’t choose well, the accommodation could end up spoiling your entire trip.

As far as choosing a place to stay, it is decided by numerous aspects – most notably budget, availability and services provided. The following choices will have all of those covered in various ways, and it is up to you to decide which accommodation is right for your ski vacation.

All the bells and whistles – a luxury hotel

If you want to go all-out and select an accommodation that covers everything for you, then a luxury hotel might be your best bet. Large and contemporary rooms, on-demand service, on-site dining, recreational amenities – these are the types of features you will usually find with a luxury hotel. Keep in mind that various hotels will also be affiliated with the resort that you visit, which could provide additional perks.

While this might sound perfect right now, going with this option does sadly have its drawbacks. Not only will the price be much higher than other accommodation choices available, but the atmosphere is not one for socializing with other guests. Typically, you keep to yourself and the family/friends you traveled with.

Also note that you will often find standard hotels and chalets nearby to any resorts, although they will come with fewer benefits on the whole (while possibly retaining a high price).

A place with character – B&B

So you want to receive friendly and helpful service, but also want to avoid the somewhat impersonal nature of staying at a hotel? Well going with a B&B would be a suitable option. Assuming you have a friendly and welcoming host/s, the B&B will have a warm atmosphere that is ideal after a day of rolling around in the snow.

Regarding disadvantages, a B&B will generally be restricted in terms of features – both in-room and publicly. Plus just like the aforementioned hotel, they are not the best for a party-like atmosphere.

The best for families – a self-catering house/condo

It might not come with direct service at times, but the self-catering option is becoming more and more popular with travelers of all kinds. It is perfect for families as it not only delivers plenty of space to move around, but it also gives you those home perks – including a well-appointed kitchen and living area. If you were staying in Snowmass, Colorado, for instance, Snowmass Vacations offers a large selection of homes and condos to suit all needs.

On a tight budget – hostels

If you’ve spent all your money on skiing gear, you will be searching for the cheapest accommodation available. That would be a hostel, which delivers a cheap bed for the night while also often combining a friendly and energetic atmosphere that’s great for meeting other travelers.

The negatives are the lack of privacy and the possibility of comfort levels being hampered. Regarding comfort, that doesn’t mean just the noise of others – it could also mean the general maintenance of the hostel. For example, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning heater when snowfall surrounds the property!