Coffee Flavors Rule The World

The countries that grow all the coffee used around the world come from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Columbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. Coffee needs a certain amount of high latitude rainfall, seasonal tropical environments, and certain alkaline soil. In the U.S., only California and Hawaii are able to be competitive coffee bean growers.

These countries provide all the requirements for coffee beans to grow very healthy. As a high-quality production product, coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world and is the world’s second-highest traded product. The varied flavors of coffee spark memories of individuals, travels, culture, palate, and fun!

When you talk about the flavor of coffee, the brand name that we often think about is Starbucks. Brand name coffee companies offer you flavors like vanilla, mocha, caramel, cinnamon, all with a touch of sweetness, tart, fruity acidity, and smoothness. A leading coffee syrup manufacturer, Monin, offers you deliciousness in the form of coffee syrup which adds a personal touch to your coffee drinking experience. Monin offers many delicious, guilt-free, sugar-free syrups and products. Monin has a vast collection of the world’s finest flavors available in more than 140 countries.

Coffee lovers are enjoying coffee drinks like:




*Iced coffee


*Latte macchiato and more.

The different flavor of coffee today is nothing new. In the Middle East, around a hundred years ago, the citizens were drinking coffee flavored with spices. In this modern age, you can enjoy flavored coffee in any flavor your little heart desires. Coffee flavors have become such a gourmet experience both for the public and individuals in the privacy of their homes that “cupping” events take place consistently. Cupping contains its own specialized following with books written by coffee flavoring experts, plus there is a professional coffee taster’s flavor wheel that identifies the many aromatic flavor compounds found in coffee categories.

Simply put, coffee cupping is the practice of coffee tasting. The coffee cupping technique involves inhaling the coffee aroma, then slurp it toward the back of the tongue to receive the full coffee taste and texture. The more experienced cuppers can tell what area that the coffee flavor comes from or where it was grown. Cuppers give their opinion on each coffee’s characteristics, like the following:

*Aroma – cuppers can smell if the coffee is floral, fruity, etc. and what the undertones are.

*Flavor – a cupper’s taste buds can describe the coffee’s taste and flavoring

*Acidity – acidity in coffee before you add a creamer or whip cream stands for its acid content which is lower than alcoholic drinks and juices. Its acid content is a determining factor in how it tastes naturally.

Let’s talk about popular coffee flavors that include roasted and brewing while we also learn about the most unusual coffee flavors in the world. Now, these unusual coffee flavors are packaged and sold on the market:

  1. maple bacon coffee – yes you will taste pork flavoring in your coffee. Goes well with breakfast.
  2. Weasel puke coffee – this coffee is actually made from the poop left behind weasels who have eaten regular coffee beans. The poop is cleaned and roasted just for you.
  3. Chipotle coffee – this coffee is made from dry chili.
  4. Monkey spit coffee – this is also true. Monkeys are given coffee beans to suck on. It is known that they will spit the beans out, believe it or not. The beans that are spat out have a vanilla flavoring, thus your monkey spit coffee beans are borne.
  5. Cat and bird feces coffee – this Indonesian coffee is made from the poop of cats who have eaten coffee beans. The poop is washed and roasted for your enjoyment. Bird poop from Brazil is also a hit here in the U.S. as an exotic coffee drink. Yes, there is other animal poo which is used to make coffee blends, but I think that I have disgusted you enough so I won’t mention the elephants.

Despite how you enjoy your coffee flavors, the flavor of coffee changes your day. Just a good cup of coffee can start your day on a high note. During the middle of the day, coffee helps to bring your stress levels down enabling you to feel more relaxed. Not only does the flavor of coffee invite you to enjoy a cup, but its aroma brings you joy. The flavor of coffee is based in its brewing process. It is an exciting experience in trying various coffee flavors and it is an experience that people around the world continue to enjoy daily.