Curves Are In This Year So Embrace Yours

Over the last few years, the body positive movement has been gaining traction. Ashley Graham, the plus size model who rose to fame in 2016 as the cover model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, has said that curvy women have been ignored for far too long in the fashion industry, but says that plus size fashion is no longer being ignored.

The average American woman now wears a size 14. In most stores, that size and up is relegated to the “plus size” department where the styles and colors are limited and often matronly, and in the past, few designers were interested in making clothes in larger sizes that were fashion forward and fun to wear. Over the past few years, however, that seems to be changing as more designers are designing for real women and recognizing that you don’t need to be a size two to look fashionable.

The most challenging clothing to design for larger sizes is the swim suit. It is also the most difficult for curvy women to buy. Selections in traditional retail stores are still limited, prompting many customers to try to find swimwear deals online. Knowing what style of suit will be most flattering for a particular body type helps the customer choose a suit without trying it on.

In order to address the shortfall, Ashley Graham has even designed her own line of swim suits available online, and her custom line of swim suits from emphasizes comfort but doesn’t fall short on trendy styles. Curvier women should look for tummy control panels, underwire bras and other slimming features. Clever design can also work to make a suit flattering, and the popular tankinican be a great option for some women. The pieces can be mixed and matched. The top can be fitted or loose and flowing. The bottom can be high cut or boy short or anything in between. This allows the buyer to address individual issues while still sporting a fashionable style deserving of any Sports Illustrated cover.

Surprisingly, the traditional bikini can also be a good option, especially if the bottom is high waisted. It also gives the customer the ability to custom fit the top, often a problem area for women.One piece suits continue to be the style of choice for full figured women and there are flattering design elements that can make this traditional style slimming as well as fashionable. High-cut bottoms can make the legs look longer and slimmer just as a V-neckline elongates the lines of the upper body. The swim dress has gained popularity from women of all sizes because not only is it flattering, it doubles as sportswear away from the beach. Follow Ashley Graham’s lead and embrace the body positive movement by finding swimwear that actually fits. To find swimwear deals online, visit where curvy women are the norm.