Juggling It All Without Dropping the Ball: Helpful Gadgets, Tech and Tools for Busy Moms


When was the last time you felt like you had enough hours in your day? If you’re like most parents, you’ll appreciate knowing about a few great apps that help busy moms and dads arrange their time.

Media matters

If you remember a certain book or movie fondly, but wonder if it’s is right for your child, download and use the Common Sense Media app. Common Sense Media offers timely and accurate reviews of TV shows, movies, video games and books. With this info, parents and caregivers can easily judge the appropriateness of certain media, says WatchMeGrow magazine.

SonicDad is a wonderful app that boosts parent-child relations. Download and install SonicDad to instantly access all sorts of cool DIY craft projects that use inexpensive materials. Of course, you don’t have to be a dad to use this app. Anyone who spends time entertaining kids will have a great time with this app, says PopSugar.

Organize your time better

Plan your errands and outings better when you have access to an Android weather app from Apalon. If you’ve ever bundled up the kids for an afternoon outing only to find the weather’s not cooperating, you will appreciate the easy and effective way a great weather app can help you skip storms that might wreck your fun. Available at Google Play, this handy weather app offers everything you need to know about rain, snow, hurricanes and other weather patterns.

Save the good stuff in one place

Evernote is a good way to organize kid’s artwork, report cards, homework assignments and other essential documents. Evernote is the ideal organizer for parents, students, teachers and everyone else with a need to corral all of their info in one easy-to-retrieve location. Pocket lets moms and dads save recipes, articles, videos and other family friendly links to one easy to navigate space. With its ability to link across all your devices, Pocket is a great app for babysitters and anyone who wants to spend more time with kids and less time searching for ways to entertain them. As a bonus, Pocket can also be a read-aloud storyteller that provides hours and hours of good times for kids and parents alike.

Traveling with kids in tow? You’ll want to know more about the HotelTonight app. Install it, and finding and checking into lodging in any of 23 countries is easier and more streamlined than ever. Take the stress out of holidays when you can reserve a hotel room in minutes, virtually anywhere in the world you happen to be. If you have a hard time remembering details, prioritize your tasks with the RememberTheMilk app. Arrange important events by the due date or importance and delegate tasks when necessary. Integrate your Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar and other savvy services with this app that operates across all of your devices.

Parenting is a sensational job, but keeping your kids and plans organized can take a lot of valuable time. Download and install a selection of parent-friendly apps, and you may find that you’ve got extra hours in which to enjoy spending time with your children.

Steph Talbot has 4 kids ranging in age from 8 months to 15 years. Life is crazy, hectic but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Apps are her saviour most days when it comes to getting things done.