Dating – commitment or just fun?


We all have different needs and wants, especially when it comes down to dating. Some of us want long-term commitment with the love of our life, whilst others prefer the casual one-off flings with different partners. As society is evolving, we are more flexible to choose between those two different approaches to dating, and we are seeing that more people opt out of long-term relationships, favouring casual fun instead. So let’s take a look at those two different approaches to dating.

Casual encounters

Not everyone is interested into having a family, in fact modern society encourages individualistic lifestyles, and some people find themselves having different desires when it comes to dating. Some of us are too busy at work and focusing on our jobs often does not leave us with enough time to commit to anything too serious. However, just because someone is not looking for a long term relationship doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some form of companionship. Companionship is still a big aspect of casual dating, and it can come in many forms; from a nice dinner with a newly met person all the way to having a bit of naughty fun with them. This allows us to enjoy the physical aspects of being with someone whilst also enjoying their company. Also, taking away the idea of long-term commitment means we can have a more relaxing time with our casual partners. Why should we always have to worry about our commitments when we can just enjoy the present?

Committed relationships

As previously mentioned, long-term relationships are centred on the idea of commitment. When we choose a lifelong partner, we decide to stay with that one person for the rest of our lives. The idea that that person will always be there with us through thick and thin is very comforting and it is something that a lot of us are looking for. Because we only have the one partner, we get to know them inside out as they slowly become our ideal life companion. The idea of having a family is a driving force which pushes us to do better with our lives, and that is because we want our family to be happy and provided for. Succeeding at home is a great feeling, and a great rewards for all our hard work.

The choice is yours

Choice is the greatest aspect about living in contemporary society, and there is no lack of options when it comes down to finding new people to go out on a date with. The online dating world has really evolved, offering us many options when looking for a new partner. There are many traditional dating websites available, but there are also other naughty websites such as My Sex Hookups that specialise into looking for casual partners. Of Course the traditional ways of meeting people still exist so we can still go out to clubs or bars to look for our ideal companion, whether it be for the one night or for life. The bottom line is: we are free to choose what approach suits us best, as long as it makes us and our partner happy.