Eight Things To Look For When Selecting A Mesothelioma Attorney


Often people get so immersed in their mesothelioma treatment that they forget to take legal actions and file an asbestos claim. An asbestos claim is a way for victims or their families to hold the companies responsible for the damage done to them or their loved ones. A person becomes eligible to file a compensation claim after their mesothelioma diagnosis. But most people do not think about the claim for many reasons, including their perception that hiring a lawyer and filing a mesothelioma claim will cost them a lot of money. Since most of them already go through a challenging financial situation due to expensive mesothelioma treatment and loss of livelihood, they avoid adding additional burden. But in reality, the situation is different altogether.

Most attorneys do not charge any upfront fees from their mesothelioma diagnoses patients and often work on contingency fee plans. Therefore, they charge only when a person wins the compensation. However, to win a good amount in compensation, a person needs a highly skilled lawyer to carry out the legal proceedings on their behalf.

Often the victim might be too ill to follow the case, respond to the motions and depositions, and visit the court. So, the presence of an experienced lawyer is a significant relief for victims, offering them ease to file their mesothelioma lawsuits against the responsible companies. But contacting the right lawyer can be a daunting process. Several questions need to be asked and things to look for when selecting the lawyer. So, to make things easier for you, here is a list of traits that you should look for in your prospective lawyer.

1. Experience

It might be the most critical aspect to look for when finding a lawyer. The lawyer needs to have a history of handling asbestos and mesothelioma-related cases. In such situations, it’s beneficial to seek the services of an experienced lawyer, such as those provided by The Williams Law Firm – Mesothelioma Lawyer in NYC. Lawyers who deal with all kinds of personal injury claims may not understand your unique situation, hence failing to provide a focused service. Moreover, an experienced lawyer who specializes in mesothelioma cases will also understand the products containing asbestos and the industries involved in your asbestos exposure.

They often have data to help them in their case. They may be able to explain the various ways you may have been exposed to asbestos, as well as the legal options available to you. Moreover, you can also try to know the total compensation amount they have won so far or the maximum amount they received in settlement for their client. You can gauge your chances of winning a reasonable compensation amount by looking at these things.

2. Reputation

Often the reputation of good mesothelioma lawyers speaks for their service. Good lawyers and law firms already have their reputation preceding them. Though it is easy and possible to correct the records, a good reputation is always earned with hard work. Before selecting the lawyer, look for what others say about them and their service. Are they considerate? Do they give their client enough time and respect?

Similarly, what is the law firm doing for the community and the society at large? Good law firms invest in programs to raise awareness about the disease, donate millions for the research, and sponsor medical empowerment events. They are also respected in the legal community for their excellent work. When you select a lawyer, always consider their reputation.

3. Negotiation skills

Asbestos compensation can be earned in two ways: a mesothelioma settlement or a trial verdict. In the court verdict, the lawyer may not have enough room to negotiate compensation for their client. Still, the case of mesothelioma settlement is altogether different. The clients often ask their lawyer to negotiate the settlement amount with the defendants on their behalf. It is when the negotiation skills of your lawyer come into play. They can earn a handsome sum for you with good negotiation and persuasion skills.

4. Special attention to your case

Your lawyer mustn’t consider you a number but a real person with feelings and concerns. They have to treat your case as though it were their only one. Based on your specific circumstances, they must estimate not just the general scenario and options. With their experience, they must tell you the time it takes to resolve a case involving your situation and how much compensation you can win.

5. Verifiable results

It is essential to choose a lawyer or a law firm whose claims can be verified. You may look for testimonials of people they represented to verify the settlements claims that won in the past. It is better to contact a few of them to know the service of your chosen firm. Most professional lawyers go through every step of their client’s legal and health matters after their diagnosis, so they will likely be happy with their service.

6. Contingency plan

One of the essential aspects of choosing a mesothelioma lawyer is to know if they work on contingency fee plans like most attorneys. You might need to pay some consultation fees and other client costs if they do otherwise. It might be impossible for the victim and their family to pay these costs because of their mounting medical bills. If a firm does not charge its fee according to a contingency plan, it might be better to consider another firm.

7. Connection of the attorney

Lawyers working on mesothelioma cases often have connections in the hospitals. Therefore, enquire if they can help you with treatments as well. They may connect you to a good surgeon, refer you for clinical trials, or help with other vital resources to help with better diagnosis and prognosis. It is a practice often seen in good law firms.

8. Care and compassion

A person dealing with deadly diseases like mesothelioma needs care and compassionate behavior. Therefore, they need real people who give them respect and value. So, care and compassion are among the most important traits you should look for in a mesothelioma lawyer. You must ensure that you are comfortable in the company of your lawyer and able to tell your concerns and ask for help.


Contacting the right lawyer is imperative to the success of your mesothelioma case. They will make you comfortable and communicate your concerns in an open environment. Select a lawyer with years of experience working on asbestos and mesothelioma-related cases. They will know how to handle your case and win maximum settlement compensation to cover your losses. Moreover, suppose you don’t have money to pay the upfront cost. In that case, it is better to go with a firm that offers contingency fee plans for convenience.