Exploring Trends And Innovations In Education Safety

A shocking new study revealed that 10% of gun deaths are individuals aged 19 and under. As parents, it’s our responsibility to perform due diligence and ensure our children are safe at school. So, what should you look for when evaluating school safety?

Keep reading as we explore the top trends and innovations in education security to look for when selecting a school or simply to recommend to your local school board for more peace of mind.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is an essential component of security systems for schools. Educators have safeguarding duties that require them to secure the school from unauthorized visitors. All school visitors should have the proper checks or be escorted through the building by a staff member. This way, you know that your children will not come into contact with strangers during their time on school premises.

Access control secures the property by locking doors, only permitting those with access codes, keycards, or fobs to enter the building. More and more educational institutions have employed cloud-based access control with mobile access credentials in recent years. 

With this technology, students and staff members can download access credentials to their mobile devices and use them to enter the building, like a digital keycard. Here’s what you can gain by employing this technology:

  • Touchless entry – Since the pandemic, it’s been important for educational institutions to prioritize hygiene. Mobile access control promotes hygiene by providing contactless entry. The student can simply wave their hand over the access control reader to trigger remote communication with their mobile device and unlock the door. No touch, no germs, and more convenient access.
  • Open API integrations – With a cloud-based security solution, your school can integrate all security technologies. This allows them to view all security data on a user-friendly interface for more agile and accessible security processes.
  • Remote operation – Cloud-based access control enables remote operation, allowing teachers and staff members to lock and unlock doors remotely using their mobile devices. Remote door unlocking is an invaluable tool to facilitate fast evacuation or lockdown procedures in an emergency.

Consider recommending this security solution to your child’s educational institution to make security processes more agile – increasing the likelihood of a successful security response to keep your child safe.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor management is an essential process for schools to comply with safeguarding regulations. They must keep accurate records of every visitor on school premises to aid in evacuation procedures and security investigations. 

Instead of using logbooks to record visitors, schools can automate visitor management by integrating visitor management software with cloud-based access control. Visitors can register using their mobile devices, providing their names and details. 

This will allow them to enter the premises with temporary downloadable access credentials, which will be revoked when they leave. All visitors will be logged, and the school will be more secure.

Cloud-Based Security Cameras

School security cameras provide the following functions:

  • Documenting any incidents that happen on school grounds and providing evidence to aid in an investigation.
  • Deterring forced entry and crime on school premises with visible security camera placement.

Cloud-based security cameras allow your school’s security staff and system administrators to view security camera feeds from anywhere. This allows them to increase supervision, ensuring the school grounds are always safe.

However, your school’s security professionals won’t be able to monitor security feeds constantly. This means they could miss any potential security threats, leading to an incident. 

By leveraging the open API integrations of cloud-based security cameras, they can implement automated threat detection – ensuring they always receive an alert when a potential security threat occurs. 

The tool operates using AI technology, implementing behavior and object recognition. This means that if a weapon is on-site, staff will know immediately. 

This technology is an invaluable asset on school grounds and can help assure your child of their safety. Detection and response are the core principles of effective security response, which is why cloud-based cameras with AI integration are becoming a school security staple. Help your child stay safe and develop academically in peace with stringent security tools.


Are you nervous about your child’s safety at school? These security innovations help to create more agile and responsive security processes in educational institutions. Consider recommending them to your local school to put your mind at ease and create a safer, more secure school environment. Safety is a basic requirement for school environments, and your children should be able to get their education without fear.