Fall Tips for Nannies in Canada

Fall is always a busy time for families, and for full or part time nannies working with kids who are headed back to school or even starting for the first time, there are plenty of changes to deal with, not to mention getting ready for the changing weather. Whether you’re a full time or live in care provider or a part time nanny who looks after kids on evenings or weekends, these are some of the ways you can get ready for autumn and make sure your kids are safe and having fun while you keep their parents happy.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-16-11-00  Getting to School – For parents with hectic work schedules, a nanny who can handle school drop-off and pick-up is essential to their lifestyle, which leaves you navigating the busy school zone. Fortunately, there are some simple rules you can follow that will take the stress out of getting to school in the morning:

  • Leave early: nothing adds pressure and leads to forgotten lunches (or worse) like leaving behind schedule, so keep your morning routine tight and on schedule.
  • Crossing guards are king: always respect their commands, not only for children’s safety, but to teach the kids in your care about road safety and respecting the people who are looking out for them.
  • Exercise: Not every nanny drives and that can be a good thing in a world where children aren’t getting enough exercises; walk to school and take the opportunity to remind the children about basic street safety, like crossing at crosswalks and lights, looking both ways, and sticking to the sidewalk.

Dressing Right – According to online nanny service Canadian Nanny, there’s a really simple rule to getting children ready for the fickle Canadian autumn: add an extra layer to whatever you’re wearing yourself. Take a look at what you’re wearing to be comfortable as the air gets chilly, and add a layer for the kids; they can always take it off in the warmer afternoon and add it back in the colder evening.

Handling Power Outages – In many parts of Canada, high winds and rainstorms that come with the fall weather mean power outages, which can test the limits of your imagination. While board games are a nanny’s bread and butter in these kinds of situations, you can always liven a power outage up with more active games like charades or playing with puppets, both of which also help stimulate the imagination and get them moving. With the right active game, you just need to make sure everyone doesn’t get too worked up before bedtime.

For more great tips on adjusting to the changing seasons and being ready for all of the curveballs daily life can through at you as a childcare provider, check out the Canadian Nanny blog. Not only can you find back-to-school tips and advice about getting your kids ready for the weather, but also help on connecting with families looking for nannies like you. No matter where you are in Canada, there are families out there looking for childcare.

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