Fall Treats For The Whole Family

Every year you hear people declare their love for autumn.  Between the richly changing foliage, the smell of pumpkin spices in the air, the excitement of back-to-school, and all the feasting at Thanksgiving, there’s plenty to love. As November inches on toward December, take a moment to soak in the last few weeks of autumn with some rich seasonal treats that make the most of the harvest.

Apple Coffee Cake – Lately, pumpkins and pumpkin spices have been getting all of the love from autumn people, but the apple remains the original harvest fruit, with many varieties coming into season in late September and early October. By November, crisp, sweet, and yellow Opal apples have come into season, which can otherwise be a quiet time for new types of apples. Beyond apple pie, apple coffee cake is a great treat that’s perfect for a weekend treatfor the whole family. All you need is flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon, milk, apples, and Ontario eggs, with 30 minutes in the oven for a fluffy, moist apple cake that will go down great with the morning’s first cup of coffee.


Pumpkin Maple Bundt Cake – Nothing says fall like pumpkin spices, but you can put a unique spin on things by sweetening this Bundt cake with maple syrup. This recipe from the Egg Farmers of Ontario uses 3 eggs, pumpkin puree, Canadian maple syrup, and the gamut of pumpkin pie flavours: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Pumpkin French Toast Bake – If you can’t get enough of the combination of maple syrup and pumpkin spice, try making a pumpkin French toast bake that will make mornings warm and easy with just a little bit of preparation on a Sunday evening. Cube some cinnamon raisin bread and moisten them with a whisked mixture of eggs, butter, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and milk. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and warm it up first thing in the morning, then drizzle maple syrup over top before serving.

Spiced Egg Cookies – As November turns into December and the Christmas displays start going up in the department store windows, people inevitably start to think about the holiday season. These tasty treats from getcracking.ca use eggs, flour, baking powder, baking soda, cloves, almond extract and toasted almonds to bring a seasonal taste (and smell) to your kitchen as the chills start to breeze through the air and the tinsel finds its way out of the box.

Eggs play an important part in baking fresh, warm goodies for your family as a natural binding agent that keeps those cakes and cookies together after they come out of the oven. But they’re also nutritious and protein-rich, and when you buy them at your local Ontario supermarket, you know you’re giving your family real, wholesome eggs. You can learn all about Ontario eggs at getcracking.ca,including their health benefits, and more great recipes for the season that capture the feeling of smoky fall smells and leaves crackling under your footsteps. Let your family fall in love with autumn and enjoy it for all its worth with these delicious treats.