Family Bonding: The Invaluable Benefits of Traveling the World with Your Kids


It’s estimated that 35% of Americans are planning to take a family vacation this year, suggesting that plenty of today’s kids will be experiencing new places and destinations. But, with many parents apprehensive of the cost associated with taking kids on vacation, their desire to travel can sometimes be hindered by their own concerns.

However, there are so many benefits of traveling the world with your kids that it seems crazy to pass up the opportunity for a family vacation! If you want nothing more than to whisk your family away but are worried about the potential expense, keep reading to discover the true advantages you’ll experience.

Miles and points

To give you peace of mind, it’s important to address expenses first. Yes, it’s commonly more expensive to travel with your kids than it would be if you just went away with your partner but, in the long-run, this could actually save money.

Many airlines offer a mile points system where you can collect ‘points’ for every mile you travel. So, the more miles you travel, the more mile points you’ll gain! These miles can then be spent on future flights and vacations, effectively saving you money in the long-run for any future trips you want to take.

Especially if you’re experiencing some debt and considering a debt consolidation loan, this is a great way to give reassurance that your family vacations are still financially benefiting you.

Creates a stronger bond

Modern life has many struggles and challenges, particularly for families. Between the school-run, after-school clubs and household chores, it can be extremely difficult to get the whole family together at the exact same time to simply spend time with one another.

Traveling allows you to fully dedicate your time to each other, creating a bonding experience like no other. Away from the demands of fast-paced, modern-day life, taking a vacation means doing fun activities together whilst making life-long memories both you and your kids will treasure.

Experiencing new things

If you don’t take your kids on vacation, they will never experience anything other than their own neighborhood until they’re old enough to go on vacation by themselves. By this time, they may feel sheltered and nervous to experience new things as it’s something they’ve just never done before.

By exposing them to different countries and brand new cultures, it will not only broaden their sense of reality but will set them up for different experiences in the future. They’ll likely experience a wide variety of people as they grow up, so exposing them to environments different to their own will be a great way to increase their openness and tolerance.

With the benefits far outweighing the negatives, there’s no reason for you to be afraid of taking your kids on vacation. As long as you ensure your finances are stable and you’re going to a safe destination, you’re almost guaranteed to become closer as a family and give your kids life experience they’ll use in later life.

Rick Matthews thinks travel has a hugely important role in family life, helping to give his kids insights into how people live in cultures different than their own. He writes about this passion for travel with the family in his articles.