Family Camping Tips For The UK: How To Have A Happy And Safe Getaway

Getting out amongst nature is very beneficial to your health, both physically and mentally. The fresh air and stunning sights of the outside world can truly boost how we feel and provide us with the time to reflect on our lives, granting us a sense of peace and serenity. The UK is home to over 5000 camping sites, with around 3,500 of those allowing people to use tents—pitching yours up and spending some quality time with your family is a great way to spend a long weekend during the school holidays. Read on for our top tips before you go!

Find A Good Spot

Choosing the right place can be hard, and this only increases in difficultly with more people added to the trip. You’ll want to make sure everyone is happy with the decision because the last thing you want is arguments on what is meant to be a fun and enjoyable getaway. There are some beautiful locations that are perfect places to pitch up. Places like the Lake District, Snowdonia, are safe and popular choices. There are also some absolutely gorgeous hidden gems such as Pembrokeshire’s Cilrath Wood and Lee Valley in Hertfordshire.

Stay Safe And Healthy

There are an increased number of risks that you should definitely be aware of when travelling out and about in the countryside. If you’re travelling to an unfamiliar place, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get lost. And more importantly, you want to ensure your younger party members don’t wander off either. If you do want to grant the kids some more freedom and make sure you don’t lose your mind whenever they go out without adult supervision, consider getting them a nifty GPS tracker for kids. Companies like Cosmo Together have created some great wearable tech to make sure you can locate and communicate with your children no matter where they are.

Pack The Right Things

It’s easy to forget things when packing for a trip like this. You’re likely going to be in one of two camps here. Either you’re going to bring absolutely everything you can think of and only end up using or needing 20% of what you bring, or you’re going to travel light and constantly be caught out when you realise you’ve left behind things like toilet paper! Try to find a healthy middle ground by making some essential lists. Pack plenty of changes of clothes, hygiene supplies, food and water, and things to keep everyone entertained during downtime.

Find Some Activities

Camping is a great experience itself, but once you’ve pitched your tent and have got everything set up, it’s not uncommon for people to start getting bored, especially the younger ones. Make sure you bring plenty of fun and mentally stimulating activities and games to keep everyone happy. As well as that, during your planning stages, check around for some outdoor activities you can all do and plan which days you’ll be doing them. This will give everyone something to look forward and give a small bit of structure to the holiday. Don’t forget, ensure your valuables are safe and secure when leaving your campsite. Many places have good security, but when you’re outside, it’s much easier for opportunists to go through your things!