Family-Friendly Facilities At Orlando Airport – Making Traveling With Kids A Breeze

Traveling with kids can be both exciting and challenging. It opens up opportunities for shared adventures and lasting memories, but it also requires thoughtful planning and consideration of the needs of your little ones. 

Orlando International Airport, one of the busiest and most renowned airports in the world, understands the unique demands of families and has taken proactive steps to make the travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable for parents and children alike. 

To ensure your next family flight out of Orlando is as smooth and stress-free as possible, let’s explore the family-friendly facilities at Orlando Airport that make traveling with kids a breeze!

Kid-Friendly Play Areas

Orlando Airport boasts dedicated play areas where children can burn off some energy before or after a flight. These play zones are designed with kids in mind and equipped with engaging activities that cater to various age groups. 

From soft play structures for toddlers to interactive games for older kids, these play areas provide a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy, allowing parents to relax and unwind as they watch their little ones play.

In-Terminal Transportation Options

Orlando Airport is vast, and navigating it with small children and luggage can be challenging. To make getting around the airport easier, the airport offers various transportation options within the terminals. This may include moving walkways, shuttles, or even mini-trains that shuttle passengers between different parts of the airport. These options save families time and energy, allowing them to reach their gates more efficiently.

Of course, when it comes to reaching the airport itself, if you’re travelling by car you can always opt to take advantage of the variety of convenient and low-cost Orlando airport parking options, many of which include a free shuttle service. With the help of you can browse the many choices available and book your airport parking today.

Nursing Rooms And Baby Changing Facilities

For parents with infants or toddlers, Orlando Airport offers well-equipped nursing rooms and baby changing facilities throughout the terminals. These private spaces are clean, comfortable, and provide a peaceful atmosphere for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. 

What’s more, the baby changing stations are conveniently located in restrooms, making it easy for parents to tend to their little ones’ needs.

Stroller Rentals

Navigating a large airport with young children and all their belongings can be challenging. To ease the burden, Orlando Airport provides stroller rental services. Families can rent strollers at various points within the airport, eliminating the need to bring their own from home or worry about checking them in at the gate. This service allows parents to move through the airport with greater ease, ensuring that children remain comfortable throughout their journey.

Child-Friendly Dining Options

Traveling can be exhausting for kids, and a hungry child can quickly become an unhappy one. Orlando Airport offers a variety of child-friendly dining options to cater to young taste buds. These restaurants and food outlets serve a selection of kid-approved meals, ensuring that children are well-fed and content during their time at the airport.

Entertainment And Amusements

To keep children entertained during layovers or while waiting for flights, Orlando Airport provides an array of amusements and entertainment options. From interactive screens and digital games to awe-inspiring art installations, there’s always something to capture a child’s attention. 

These distractions can be a game-changer for parents, especially during longer waiting times.

Family Boarding

Orlando Airport recognizes that family boarding can be a stressful experience, with children eager to get on the plane and parents trying to organize their belongings. To streamline this process, the airport offers family boarding, allowing parents and children to board early and settle into their seats without feeling rushed or crowded by other passengers.

Assistance For Families With Special Needs

Families with special needs children also receive special attention at Orlando Airport. The airport staff is trained to provide assistance and support to families requiring additional accommodations. Whether it’s mobility assistance, sensory-friendly spaces, or any other unique needs, the airport strives to ensure that every family feels comfortable and welcomed.

Educational Exhibits And Displays

Orlando Airport goes beyond the typical airport experience by incorporating remarkable art exhibits and technological displays that will appeal to both children and adults. These exhibits offer an opportunity for families to learn and explore together, making the airport journey an enriching experience for kids.

Child Identification Wristbands

Safety is a top priority at Orlando Airport, especially when it comes to traveling with children. To ensure the well-being of young travellers, the airport provides child identification wristbands upon request. 

These wristbands can be filled out with essential contact information and attached to the child’s wrist. In the event that a child becomes separated from their parents or guardians, airport staff can quickly identify and reunite them with their family.

Traveling With Pets

Many families consider their pets as part of the family, and Orlando Airport accommodates their needs as well. For families traveling with pets, the airport provides designated pet relief areas both inside the terminals and outside near the parking areas. These pet-friendly zones allow travelers to take a break with their furry companions and ensure that the entire family is comfortable and at ease during their journey.

Last Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it – Orlando International Airport has set a high standard for family-friendly facilities, making traveling with kids a breeze. From dedicated play areas and nursing rooms to stroller rentals and child-friendly dining options, the airport has thoughtfully considered the needs of families traveling with young children. 

By prioritizing the comfort and convenience of families, Orlando Airport ensures that the journey begins and ends on a positive note, setting the stage for an unforgettable vacation in the Sunshine State or beyond. 

So, the next time you plan a family trip to Orlando or through the city, rest assured that the airport has your family’s best interests at heart, ready to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.