Family Road Trip Activities

Road trips are a great way to leave your responsibilities for a few days and just go on an adventure. In fact, taking one with the family is even better. But, while you’re driving down the road, you and your kids can start to get a little restless, especially if it is longer than two hours.

There are plenty of ways to pass the time; you can tell each other stories play games on your phone, browse through social media, or take pictures and videos.

If it’s an unplugged activity you want, then you’ve come to the right place. Alpha Car Hire has gathered up a few activities you can try with your kids for your next road trip:


Often in video games, you’ll see a small map that shows where the protagonist is headed and what he can expect in that particular area. So, why not give your kids a map that shows the route your family will take to your destination?

Print out a Google map, show the kids your starting point, the roads you will take, and the places you will stop for bathroom breaks. If you’re up for it, you can also arrange a list of things people living in your destination like to do.

Doing this gives your kids something to look forward to and may even spark their curiosity.

Colouring/Craft Projects

Nothing can make time go faster than arts and crafts. You get so caught up in the work that you surprise yourself when you see how much time has passed. Arts and crafts are usually done on a table while you’re sitting in a chair, but luckily doing that in the car is now possible.

Prepare a small basket filled with arts and crafts materials like crayons, colour pencils, papers, colouring books, and erasable markers.

Before you go, place it next to your child in the backseat and make sure he can reach inside it. If you have a small table for your children that can attach to their car seat, even better. That way they will have enough room to do their art without trouble.

This can help keep them busy for a few hours and can even help avoid the inevitable question: “are we there yet?”

Travel Toys

Aside from doing art, another thing you can give your kids is travel toys. You can have them select the toys they want from their collection or take on additional responsibility around the house to earn money so they can buy new toys for the trip.

This way, they learn the value of money and they can get a new toy to bring for the trip. A win-win for you and your kids.

Car Games

Speaking of playing with toys, car games are another time passing activity you can try. The best part about this is that everyone can get involved.

You can introduce them to classic car games like I Spy. You can also make it even more exciting by playing road bingo, where you print out cards or use an app to check off things you spot along the highway or backroads. Magnetic board games like Snakes and Ladders are also an excellent activity for older kids.

These activities are fun and can help you and your kids bond during the drive.

Audio Books

Ever wanted to introduce your kids to Harry Potter but never had the opportunity to do so? Now is the time to send your kids on a magical adventure with the use of an audiobook.

This is perfect for long car rides. Download a few audio books, play it on the car stereo and be taken away on an adventure completely different from the one you are taking.

Not only is it a great option for kids, it is also great for parents who want to catch up on their reading but has never found the time to do so.

There are plenty of activities to try during a road trip. Whether it’s imagining a running man alongside your car or with toys, it will certainly make your trip memorable and might also inspire your kids to do the same with their own family someday.