Film-lovers! Here are X things in Hollywood you can’t miss out on


There’s no denying that Los Angeles is a paradise for movie lovers. Being home to the largest film industry in the world, LA has a lot to offer film lovers. So, today we’re going to help you plan out the perfect itinerary that will help you visit the most astounding places in Hollywood. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Hollywood Sign

One of Hollywood’s most recognizable landmarks is the Hollywood sign perched on a hillside. A new development called Hollywoodland was advertised on the sign in the 1920s. Despite not being intended to be a permanent sign, it eventually fell into disrepair. Finally, in 1978, it was rebuilt to simply ‌”Hollywood” and quickly became a city symbol.

People can view the sign from several locations during the day if the sky is clear, but this is not a common occurrence. However, you can see the sign on a hike or horseback ride through the Hollywood Hills, and the guides can point you in the right direction. Tourists can explore the trails around Sunset Ranch via guided horseback rides, and the ranch’s staff can provide information about other great places to view the Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood Wax Museum & Madame Tussauds

You can enjoy looking at and clicking pictures with life-size wax figures of actors, actresses, dancers, singers, musicians, and more at Hollywood Wax Museum & Madame Tussauds. Whether it’s posing for a picture or reenacting your favorite movie scene, Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood Wax Museum are always happy to help. Madame Tussauds offers visitors virtual reality experiences and a time travel mission. The Hollywood Wax Museum allows visitors to dress up and get into character with props.

Once you’re here, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Haunted Chamber and experience the chill in your bones!   

Hollywood Boulevard

The first place most people visit after arriving is Hollywood Boulevard, and for a great reason! In addition to all the special events, movie premieres and walk of fame star reveals occur all the time. It feels like you’re walking through another world, even when you’re just walking down the street on a regular day. You’ll find a lot of old Hollywood history and glamor along the Walk of Fame. Moreover, the world-famous brass stars with names are also present on this boulevard.

Museum of Illusions

It’s easy to snap Instagram-worthy photos at Hollywood’s Museum of Illusions, a favorite among families with kids and teens. Visitors are encouraged to take pictures here in a creative space where they can interact with the exhibits and capture memories that will last a lifetime. You can walk the red carpet in this museum, experience an African safari, or stand on the edge of a skyscraper with 3D illusions.

A gigantic high heel shoe and a pizza slice bigger than a doorway are among the everyday items visitors can pose with at the Giant House. You can get your picture taken in the Upside-Down House, where you can dance on the ceiling or defy gravity while doing the dishes. There are seven rooms to explore. New at the museum is Smash It, an area where visitors can get their frustrations out by smashing things.

Hollywood & Highland

Located just minutes from Hollywood Boulevard attractions, Hollywood & Highland offers excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment experience. The TCL Chinese Theater and Dolby Theater are both located nearby. A bowling alley and nightclub are among the many entertainment options at this complex, with over 70 shops and 25 restaurants. Near Hollywood & Highland, you will find several museums, great restaurants, and hotels. In addition, Metro Rail stations and affordable parking make it easy for visitors from Los Angeles to reach the complex.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Keep driving up Beachwood Drive in search of the Hollywood Sign, and you’ll eventually hit Sunset Ranch Hollywood’s stables. You can book trail rides via the ranch’s website ahead of time. Some of the more expensive rides come with meals or a trip up Mt. Lee, but even the basic one-hour ride ($65) lets you see the Hollywood Sign and the hills and LA in the distance.

Sunset Strip

Sunset Boulevard is part of the famous Sunset Strip, located in West Hollywood. There are a variety of restaurants, retail and entertainment venues in this area, between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The streets come alive at night, with neon signs and crowds of people walking the streets or cruising the strip. The high-end street is no longer as glitzy as it once was, but it still has plenty of character.

You can see and do a lot on the Sunset Strip, where famous people and those looking to get discovered hang out. It’s home to a few Hollywood stars, too. If you’re going, you might want to stroll the strip, do some shopping, and eat. Evenings are the busiest and most exciting time when you have the best chance of seeing celebrities.

Final Words!

Well, friends, here are some spots that you shouldn’t miss once you are in LA. Every film-lover has “visiting Hollywood” on their bucket list, but you should know what places might attract you most. However, you can even book a Hollywood tour with any local tour company to fully utilize your time.