Fun Sports That Your Kids Will Love To Play

Being a busy mom is incredibly rewarding, but it brings lots of challenges too, including how to keep your kids happy and how to keep them fit. Encouraging your children to participate in sports can go a long way towards solving both these problems, but the difficulty can come in deciding which sport is right for your little darlings. You may want to stay away from sports that potentially involve a lot of knocks and physical contact, such as football, but there are plenty of other sporting activities to choose from. The three below can be particularly good choices, as they are great fun and you won’t have to spend too much money on initial equipment.


Soccer has long been the world’s most popular team sport, but in recent years it’s been growing rapidly here in America as well. One of the great things about soccer is that it’s popular among both boys and girls, and a typical soccer game involves a lot of running for all participants, as well as helping to improve coordination skills. If your children are interested in soccer, all they’ll need initially is soccer shoes, a t-shirt, and shorts and a soccer ball. A perfect accessory to this is a Nike soccer bag, as kids will love this cool backpack, and it comes with a special pocket to hold a soccer ball.


Swimming is, in many ways, the most ideal sport for any child to learn, and that’s because it gives them a skill that could one day, quite literally, be a lifesaver. Swimming can also be great fun, and whilst it provides a workout for the full body, it doesn’t place stress upon ankles and joints, as soccer and other sports that involve running often do.  That’s why it’s great for children who have joint pain because of growth spurts or other reasons, and whilst it’s an excellent way to get fit, it can also be strangely relaxing too. Above all else, swimming is an activity that children and parents can participate in together, and what could be better than that?


Yes, I said Quidditch, the sport played by Harry Potter and his friends, and enemies, at Hogwarts. Of course, Quidditch, as imagined by author J.K. Rowling, involved flying through the air, but Potter enthusiasts have now invented a more grounded form of Quidditch that can be enjoyed by children and adults without the need for magic powers. It’s become incredibly popular across the United States and beyond, and there’s even an American national team that competes in the Quidditch world cup. If your children love all things connected to Harry Potter, then it’s worth checking to see if there’s a Quidditch team or league in your area.

Habits learned in childhood often continue into adulthood, which is why helping your children stay fit and healthy, and encouraging a love of sports and exercise, could be one of the best things you ever do for them. Swimming, soccer, and Quidditch are just some of the sports that children love, and there’s no prouder feeling as a parent than seeing your child competing or excelling at the sporting activity they do best.