Happy and Healthy: 5 Ways to Maintain a Vibrant Family Lifestyle

Let’s face it –– moms work really hard to sustain the happiness of their family. Indeed, sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle trying to balance conflicting schedules, rambunctious children, and your own personal ambitions all at once. And while there may not be a magic catch-all solution to a mom’s many responsibilities, here are five ways you can plan to create a vibrant family lifestyle –– no matter how hectic your calendar might be:

Mix it Up

Keeping your children’s activities diverse will not only allow them to explore new things, but also help you maintain your sanity. Nothing can be quite as mind-numbing as planning out the same playdates week after week, so for your children’s benefit and your own, keep your days out fresh. Museums, theaters, sporting events, concerts, fairs, and zoos are just a few options you might want to consider.

Emphasize Wellness

In addition to preparing healthy snacks and encouraging your kids to exercise, you should also budget in time for annual trips to the doctor’s office. There’s simply no substitute for a professional with access to pediatric tubes, drawing needles, and other specific equipment to gauge your child’s health. Remember though, that making sure your child feels their best physically will help them deal with stress in school and beyond.

Nurture Independence

The idea might seem oxymoronic at first glance, but nurturing your child’s developing independence will help them grow as a person. Allow them to learn and question things on their own and provide them with resources like books, tablets, and art supplies to let their curiosity blossom further. In this instance, it’s actually for the best to let your child discover their interests on their own.

Introduce Choice

Giving your child options can help them feel more invested in a given activity or moment. So it’s perfectly acceptable to let them pick the music from time to time –– or even craft out an occasional Saturday of their own devising. Indulging your child from time-to-time won’t spoil them –– provided you do so sparingly.

Invite Friends

The best experiences are shared ones. So when at all possible, bring along your child’s friends when going out for an excursion. Not only will interacting with others help your little one sharpen their social skills, but building a strong relationship with the other parents at your child’s school or daycare can prove massively helpful in a pinch! It takes a village to raise a child after all.