What Should Your Child be Able to Do at What Age?

Parents and mothers, in particular, are always being asked to do things by their children. It could be sewing on a button or making their lunch, and most of the time the mums don’t mind. However, there must come a time when your kids start to learn how to do things for themselves. Not only will it give them independence, but it will also teach them important life skills for the future. At what age can you start to give them their own jobs to do?

Four to Six Years Old

At this age, their ability to do things for themselves is still in its infancy, but there are a few things they should be able to do. You might have to give them some aids to help them such as a faucet extender for the sink like those on the parent guide website. At this age, they should be able to dress themselves and pack their own bag for school. It is also a good idea for them to be able to tie or buckle their own shoes. Provided they are safe, they can make a sandwich for themselves and pour a drink, and they should be putting their own clothes and toys away.

Seven to Eight Years Old

By the time they reach seven to eight, things should have picked up apace. If the roads are safe, they can walk themselves to school over a short distance, and they should be riding a bike and able to swim. Tidying their rooms should be a normal habit by now, and they should be putting their laundry in the basket. They can now make their own breakfast including toast if they are taught to do it safely, and in fact, baking can now be considered with supervision.

Nine to Ten Years Old

At nine to ten years old, your child should be able to catch a bus for a short journey and be able to read the timetables. You can even send them on a train if there is someone to meet them at the other end. They can now cook a basic meal such as scrambled eggs and toast and heat things in the microwave. As well as keeping their rooms tidy, they should also be keeping it clean now, including vacuuming and dusting. If you have a family pet, they should also be able to help keep them clean and walk them, though only around the block.

Eleven to Twelve Years Old

By age eleven or twelve, they should be able to answer the telephone and take messages if you aren’t there. They can also start to make more adventurous meals including peeling and chopping vegetables. With supervision, they can start to learn how to do the washing machine and sew on buttons by themselves.

Although it can seem like a lot for their age, it will help them with their independence and life skills. As with any child, you should decide if they are ready for a particular job.