Here’s Why You Should Consider Catholic Education for Your Child

Your kids are finally approaching the age where it’s time to send them to school.

You thought of sending your little ones to the local public school but are wary.

You’ve considered homeschooling them, but there aren’t any local co-ops nearby.

So, you turn to private schools. There may be many, or few options nearby, but your biggest concern is what the possible benefits of Catholic education are.

Whether you’ve received a Catholic education or not, you are certainly wondering why Catholic schools are better than your other options.

Read on to learn why.

Benefits of Catholic Education

An important note: you do not have to be Catholic to attend or send your children to a Catholic school. This leads to the first major reason for considering Catholic education.

A Culture of Service and Respect

There is an important culture of and communal understanding of other persons, from all parts of this world which is integral to Catholic faith and education.

ALL of us are God’s children, and a Catholic education emphasizes as such.

With this in mind, consider how Catholic education, versus a public school education, encourages such respect.

This same community that teaches respect does so through more than policy but through direct acts of service.

The culture and community of respect grow from families, educators, and religious working together–directly forming children into generous persons.

Discipline and Excellence

Catholic education emphasizes academic rigor. Students are taught discipline as part of the faith, which leads to high expectations in scholastic achievement.

Students are seen as good, not simply because they follow rules, but because they were made as such. The discipline taught in Catholic schools stems from the recognition of the inner goodness of all people and then helping students behave accordingly.

Excellence naturally follows, with emphasis on both moral and academic discipline. This often leads to a clear path to college. In fact, the majority of Catholic high school graduates attend college.

An Enlightened Worldview

Through the high expectations of behavior and academic performance, the discipline instilled to achieve them, and the strong, healthy relationships, Catholic school education shows students how their goodness is part of the world.

This results in an emphasis on the arts and humanities less common in public school education–which tends to focus on results, over the quality of independent performance.

In essence, these students learn to see true goodness, in the Catholic, classical sense of goodness, in everyone and everything around them. These are the benefits of a Catholic education from Notre Dame Academy.

Is Catholic School Worth It?

The benefits of Catholic education listed above should be evidence enough, but one last concrete note to consider: on average, Catholic schools are far less costly than other private education.

You’re also investing in more than your child’s academic future, but that of their entire well-being when you choose Catholic education.

Furthermore, the majority of Catholic schools also include financial aid, in light of the necessity of Catholic education.

When you determine the worth of your child’s future, don’t stop at whether they’re academically equipped for this world, but if they’re ready for the emotional and spiritual demands, too.