Ring Cleaning 101: How Often Should You Clean Your Jewelry

If a wedding ring is a symbol of your relationship with your spouse, what does it mean when you let that ring get dingey and dull?

Lots of married people don’t know where or how to get jewelry cleaned and let their rings get way too dirty before they do anything about it. Think about how often you use your hands for things like doing dishes, exercising, gardening. The grime can really build up!

It’s important to figure out your ring cleaning plan long before it needs it. Think of it as preventative care.

If you’d like to keep the symbol of your marriage as dazzling as it was on your wedding day, read on for some tips on creating your very own jewelry cleaning plan.

Ring Cleaning Schedule

Everyone’s schedule will be different based on their lifestyle. For example, someone who works in a factory will have a different schedule compared to someone who works in an office.

The general rule of thumb for professional cleaning is twice a year. But ,again, if you’re finding yourself washing your hands more than someone with a cubicle, you might want to consider going to the pros at your local jewelers more often.

Professional cleaners will also be able to check for any loose stones and faulty prongs, preventing heartache down the line. If you don’t already have an established relationship with a local jeweler, do some research and find the most trusted one in your area.

In between your professional cleanings, you can take care of your jewelry yourself. Keep track of how long your ring shimmers after a professional cleaning. Once you notice it getting a little dull, give a clean yourself. That should give you a good idea of how often you specifically need to plan to do your wedding ring cleaning.

How to Clean Rings Yourself

If you asked your mother how to clean fine jewelry, she’d likely tell you to let it soak in warm water and dish soap for a few minutes. That will do the trick in a pinch but there are other means of cleaning at your disposal that go a little more in-depth.

Research some products made specifically for cleaning jewelry. In this day and age, you will likely be able to find some honest reviews for just about every ring cleaning product such as Simple Shine.

Some people choose to go big and buy an ultrasonic machine to clean their rings. Others get their deep cleaning by using ammonia to clean their jewelry.

Test a few methods out and see what works best for your ring. Record results so you know which one is the keeper.

Know your Jewelry Type

Different kinds of Jewelry may require different kinds of care. For example, diamond rings are pretty sturdy when compared to an opal ring, so the latter may require more care and attention.

You also have to consider the elements of your jewelry. Necklace chains require a different kind of care than a band on a ring.

You also have to be very diligent about sterilizing any body piercing jewelry like earrings or belly button rings. Body piercing is an entirely different beast when it comes to cleaning because you’re far more likely to get an infection from that than your bracelet.

General Care Tips

Consider more preventive care options for your jewelry. The obvious is to remove your ring while doing messier activities. The less obvious are things like removing your ring while you exercise.

The sweat and oils that your body releases can do just as much harm to your beautiful diamond ring as digging in the dirt. Limit this exposure by removing the ring and keeping it in a safe place in your gym locker. Try to keep it in the same place every time to avoid panic when you can’t find it right away.

You’ll also want to limit your ring’s exposure to hand or body soap. That means removing your ring before you hop into the shower. The ring can create a build-up of soap grime that didn’t have a chance to wash off your body. It’s counter-intuitive because you’d think water and soap would be fine, but not when it contains all the dirt washing off your body.

Where do you store your ring when you’re not wearing it? The best option for storage in for any piece of jewelry is a jewelry box with a soft felt lining. This will help prevent any scratches to your band or stone.

You’ll also want to be careful about what you wear with your ring. Too many accidents have happened with a ring catching on some lace or a necklace on a button. Avoid tangles and tears by being mindful of what you’re wearing.

Lastly, if you’re in an area experiencing extreme weather like snowstorms or tropical storms, your ring care may not be your top priority. It might be worth it, however, to include a ring check in your “getting ready to brave the storm” suit up.

Do It For Your Spouse

Taking care of your wedding ring isn’t being vain, it’s caring for the symbol of marriage to the love of your life. I don’t need to tell you how much the little things can matter in a relationship.

Turn it into a bonding moment with your spouse and do some ring cleaning together. It’s a great opportunity to turn a chore into something a little more special for both of you.

Visit your most trusted jeweler today and ask about their cleaning services (the majority of which are free, especially if you’re an established customer). Then take your sweetie out to dinner and show off your shiny rings.

If you have a passion for jewelry, be sure to check out our other articles on the subject by using the search bar.