How nurses can relieve foot fatigue naturally

Nurses are undoubtedly the overlooked heroes of the healthcare industry. They work for hours to help doctors and ensure that all patients are well cared for at all times. However, irregular working hours and endless workloads can ultimately lead to stress and exhaustion. “But those are the requirements of the job,” you’ll think. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done to counter it! What most nurses don’t realize is that half the problem is literally in their feet. 

Walking around places direct pressure on your feet, and if you don’t wear the right shoes, it only gets worse over time. The right type of footwear means not only the right type of shoes but also the right type of socks, in this case, using compression socks for nurses infused with copper and it’s benefits can come to great help.

Why all nurses should wear copper compression socks to prevent pain? 

Nursing is difficult. The hours are long and the work is extremely challenging and exhausting. This affects both the body and the mind, but especially the feet. You end up spending more than half the day on your feet and you’re likely familiar with this recurring foot pain

Now, you can indulge in a foot spa or soak it in from time to time, but let’s be honest, it’s not possible on a regular basis. The light compression of the long copper compression socks for nurses regulates intravenous blood flow and increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the feet, reducing the chance of lactic acid accumulating in the muscles. 

Reduce leg swelling 

After 12-hour shifts, swollen and sore feet are inevitable. With copper compression stockings, you can not only take advantage of the gradual compression but also the healing powers of copper. Copper has been used for its anti-inflammatory effects for a long time, making copper compression socks perfect for soothing sore feet and muscles. 

Prevent the onset of varicose veins

Varicose veins are caused by a malfunction of the valves in the feet, which prevent blood from flowing to the heart. As a result of excessive stress, these valves can weaken over time and cause blood to build up in the feet. You can avoid these cases by wearing compression stockings regularly. Not only can they alleviate the discomfort caused by varicose veins, but they also reduce the overall burden in the long term. 

Reduces perspiration and odour

Considering long hours of uninterrupted work, you also need socks that can withstand repeated use and, at the same time, ensure that you get the most benefit. Copper compression socks are made of a material that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet cool and dry all day long, while the antibacterial properties of copper particles keep sweat and odour-causing bacteria away. 

Encourages angiogenesis 

Having your feet tight in your shoes all day is definitely not the most ideal situation, and irregular working hours don’t leave much time to give your feet tender love and care. Instead, simply replace taking care of your feet with copper compression stockings and let the benefits of copper work their magic. Copper is known to promote the development and growth of new blood vessels and to rejuvenate the skin by synthesizing collagen and elastin. 

While the above benefits are the most obvious benefits of specialized compression garments, another great advantage of choosing the right type of sock is that it doesn’t affect your dress code in any way the way your shoes do. While you may not have much control over the type of shoes you need to wear, you should compensate with the right type of socks! After all, you and your legs really deserve it!

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