How to Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house, and as such, should be well organized and nicely decorated. However, this is not as easy as it might sound, especially if you have children, since you should keep them in mind when designing your kitchen. They should be able to use it as easily as you are while staying safe from all the hazards. So, if you don’t want to worry about your kids using the kitchen without you or be called for help every time they need something in it, here are some family-friendly ideas you should consider.

Corner bumpers and door stops

We all know that no matter how many times we tell our kids not to run around the house, they still forget – and that’s when they can hurt themselves. In order to reduce that risk, add corner bumpers to all the sharp edges around the kitchen. You should consider using door stops as well, since kids are known to get their fingers caught in the doors, and you definitely want to avoid that.

Add a blackboard

Having a blackboard in the kitchen can help you keep everything organized. You can use it for writing down your grocery list or your favorite recipe, for telling your family members that there are some food leftovers in the fridge, or simply for reminding each other that there’s no more milk. You can even get creative with it and write down some inspirational quotes and poems, or you can let your kids show their artistic skills by letting them draw on it.

Make use of your kitchen islands

The kitchen islands are great for families because they are large enough for both you and your children to use at the same time, and they can be designed to fit all your needs. For example, you can install drawers or shelves on one side of the island for the cups and glasses, so your kids can help themselves without bothering you. You can also install a microwave drawer at one end of the island, so they can reheat their food without disrupting others who are using the kitchen at the time. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on them whenever they are using the appliances.

Organize the food

Organizing your food in the fridge will help your children find what they need without having to move any food and risk accidentally dropping something (like eggs) on the floor while looking for their drinks or snacks. All you need to do is simply dedicate a couple of the lower shelves just for your kids. If you like this idea, the kitchen-appliance company Maytag has a great offer of kitchen appliances, including fridges with adjustable shelves that can make organizing your food even easier.

Kid-friendly surfaces

Where there are kids, there will be mess, so make that mess easier to take care of by choosing surfaces that don’t stain easily. When designing your kitchen, opt for stainless steel or engineered stone for the counters, and linoleum or tiles for the floor. Linoleum might be a better choice if your children are younger as the dishes that fall on it are less likely to break. As for your cabinets, it’s more about the finish than the material – choose darker stained wood, since it tends to hide any potential bruises, dents, and dirt.

Consider your kids’ height

In order for your children to be able to prepare their own sandwiches, get their own drinks, or just help you with putting the dishes back in their place, they need to be able to actually reach everything. In other words, if your kids are smaller, don’t put their food on the high shelves. If you do need to put some of the things they use higher than they can reach, make sure to get a step stool with anti-slip strips, so they can safely get to every part of the kitchen.

Designing your kitchen can be as challenging as it is fun, especially when thinking about the kids as well. However, making sure the kitchen is safe and easy to use for all of your family members regardless of their age will help you not just use it more efficiently but also bond as a family while using it.