How To Find The Best Engagement Rings For Every Personality

Finding the perfect and special ring can be a challenge, especially with the myriad of choices available in the market today. There are plenty of engagement rings to choose from, which can make the hunt for the best ring a little overwhelming. Aside from the styles, ensuring that the ring suits the person’s unique personality is also crucial when deciding which ring to get for a special lady.

Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, there are eight personality traits for every individual. When these personality traits are combined, it can produce 16 different unique personality classifications. To find out which ring suits a woman’s personality, you can check out jewelry woodbridge va who have  many examples for which rings might match her unique traits. You can also find out more in this engagement ring guide below.

#1: The ESFP: Coloured Diamond Rings

If the woman has a combined trait of Extroversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving, she might be the life of the party. She loves to entertain people and can make a room burst with laughter. Her bubbly traits would shine brighter with any vintage-sale colored diamond or precious gemstone engagement rings.

#2: The INFJ: Pear-shaped Diamond Rings

Women with a modest, unassuming personality usually have combined Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging traits. Her prudent and simple lifestyle matches the subtle but poignant pear-shaped diamond engagement rings.

#3: The ESTJ: Classic Solitaire Diamond Rings

Those with Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging traits are usually classified as passionate leaders who love to organize everything around them. These women also have a penchant for tradition. They would appreciate a timeless and classy solitaire diamond engagement ring that they can wear for all occasions.

#4: The ENFP: Halo Diamond Rings

Any woman with a combined Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving traits usually love to break free from conformity. She loves to do things and perform activities on her own and refuses to stay in a box. She would look good with engagement rings that come with a halo diamond accent.

#5: The ENTP: Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Women who possess extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving traits usually love to make their way out of tricky and challenging situations. They are smart, curious, and cunning. They will never cower in any debates. These women would appreciate getting a daring emerald cut engagement ring.

#6: The ISTP: Twisted/Tension Diamond Rings

If the lady has combined introversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving traits, she might be artistic. She may often like to experiment and check out new trends. Her engagement ring could come with a unique tension cut that makes the center diamond stand out.

#7: The ISFJ: Heart-shaped Diamond Rings

Most women with introversion, sensing, feeling, and judging personality traits are usually described as romantics. They would willingly go out of their way to make sure that their loved ones feel special and protected. A heart-shaped diamond ring suits their personality perfectly.

#8: The ESFJ: Rose Gold Rings

Pleasant, friendly women often possess extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judging personality traits. They are always popular people in the group. Their amicable character matches a rose gold engagement ring.

#9: The ENTJ: Side-stoned Diamond Rings

Women with extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judging traits are often perceived as strong-willed and bold individuals. They are usually the tenacious ladies who would do everything to accomplish their goals. Engagement rings with large centre stones flocked with smaller stones at the side are ideal for these women.

#10: The INFP: Pear Rings

If the lady loves to extend her help to others and join various worthy causes, she may have the introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving personality traits. Her character suits the simple yet ethereal beauty of a pearl engagement ring.

#11: The INTP: Gold Rings

Women with introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving traits would usually have a strong need to learn more about the things around them. They have a strong knack for learning and find science entertaining. A classic gold-banded engagement ring would suit them.

#12: The ISFP: Opal Rings

The charming and adventurous woman may combine introversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving traits. They love to see the world’s artistic side but are often drawn to try out something new. They would love the thought of wearing engagement rings with the opal as the main stone.

#13: The ENFJ: Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

Any extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging woman usually believes in traditional values but enjoys influencing the people around her. An elegant and timeless marquise cut diamond ring will be the perfect engagement symbol for this classic lady.

#14: The INTJ: Multi-row rings

Women with introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging traits normally act as the go-to planner of every group. They love to come up with strategic decisions. The symmetrical, multi-row engagement ring can be the symbol of their organized, orderly personality.

#15: The ESTP: Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Spontaneous and confident ladies have extroversion, sensing, thinking and perceiving personality traits. They are the best people to wear a princess-cut diamond ring because they can get away with wearing any modern, trendy design.

#16: The ISTJ: Cross Diamond Rings

Honesty is the best trait of women with combined introversion, sensing, thinking, and judging personality. They value logic and tradition. These women can match with the vintage design of the cross diamond engagement rings.

Finding the perfect ring for a special woman requires plenty of consideration. But if you know their personality, it would be easier to pick the best one to match her unique and special character.