How to Get Great Looking Skin

Throughout my 20s it is probably fair to say that I didn’t look after my skin at all, partying, late nights, long days and my general way of living really took its toll on my skin and I arrived into my 30s with the skin of someone much older. And so, in the early years of my 30s, I really made a conscious effort to focus harder on my skin, live right and treat my skin well so that it could look and feel great for many years to come. I wanted to share with you then, my top tips for ensuring that your skin is in great condition, and doesn’t make you look older than you actually are.


When it comes to which products you should be using on your face, this is avery specific to what makes you feel best, and which product works best on your skin. Personally I like to keep it simple, a high alkaline soap to wash my face with, a fresh and simple toner and a moisturiser which works for a long time. My personal preference is to use the range of Jeuenesse Global products that are on the market, in particular their Luminescence range. These products are perfect for my skin, they are super simple and contain only a few chemicals, unlike others on the market.

Nightly Routine

I cannot stress enough just how important it is that you have a solid nightly routine which you stick to. Your skin takes a beating through the day with fumes, weather, sunlight or lack of it and all other manner of events that can take place during the day which can affect your skin. For this reason, you really must ensure that you begin to nail down a regular nightly routine whereby you give your face the care and repair that it needs. A simple cleanse, tone and moisturise is all that you need, but allocate yourself 30 minutes before bed to do this, and it will pay you back big time.

Healthy Living

Most people jump on a health kick or diet so that they can lose weight and feel better about themselves but in actual fact, one of the biggest benefits of healthy living is that your skin will also look far better, here’s why.

Smoking – Smoking causes terrible skin damage and makes it look dry, wrinkled and tired, quit smoking for much better looking skin.

Fruit and Veg – Fruits and vegetables are packed with vital vitamins and minerals which your body needs to rejuvenate the skin. The more vitamins that you can pack into your day, the better your skin will begin to look.

Fatty Foods – Foods that are packed with oils and fats can really make your skin look greasy and dirty.

Water – Drinking 3 litres of water or more each day will start having a positive effect on your skin within just a few weeks. Don’t allow your skin to get dehydrated if you want it to look great.