Bitcoin. Have You Left It Too Late?

I have been investing in Bitcoin for around 4 years now and made some great profits from my investments. I actually stumbled upon this as an investment after chatting with the guys at Prescott Regency and this new thing called ‘cryptocurrency’ was mentioned. At first I just made a small investment in Bitcoin but the more that I learned about it, the more that I began to invest.

Bitcoin is a hot topic of debate at the moment given its rise from around $800 to $6000 in less than 12 months, leaving many to question whether it is too late to get involved. Indeed, many of my friends and colleagues ask me the same question and here is why I don’t think that it is too late to get involved in this kind of investment.


The first thing that is worth noting when you consider the position on Bitcoin is that many of the very same analysts who correctly predicted that Bitcoin would top $5000, have also suggested that in the next decade, it could run as high as $100,000. Now of course there is no guarantee that this is true and many analysts are predicted that it will reach around $40,000 over Bitcoin. Even if the optimists are wrong, it would appear that all of the analysts are predicting that it will be much higher than it is now which means that it is most definitely not too late.

Same Questions

I have to be honest, over the years that I have been investing in Bitcoin, people have been asking me the same question, is it too late? I have been asked this question in 2015, 2016 and in 2017 and I have always been buying and always telling people that it is not too late to get involved in this kind of investment.

More Knowledge

Much more is known about Bitcoin, what it is and how people can buy and sell it, as well as how people can invest in it. With this additional knowledge, there are many more people using, mining and trading in Bitcoin which means that there are many more opportunities stop make money from it. You are right to think that you have missed the boat in terms of picking up Bitcoins for $40 each but that is not to say that there are not still many opportunities to make money from this cryptocurrency.

Wider Acceptance

Bitcoin was once considered as something that was going to be a passing phase, I think we can all agree that this simply isn’t the case. With this wider acceptance of Bitcoin from governments around the world, it has inspired more people to mine in the currency, bringing more to the market and many more opportunities to for the price to increase.

If you want to get involved in cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin specifically, it is most certainly not too late.