How to Improve Your Mood With Lighting

Hundreds of studies have found a direct link between lighting and mood levels. In fact, many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression due to changing levels of natural sunlight. Consequently, having greater control of the lighting in your environment can help you greatly improve your mood and stave off the winter-time blues. So, let’s look at a few of the best ways to improve your mood with lighting!

Keep Your Home Well-Lit

It may sound obvious, but many people don’t realize how a home lighting setup can affect their mood. Generally speaking, brighter lighting can make you feel warmer, more focused, and even more productive. However, the type of lighting you use can play a role, too. For example, if you use fluorescent bulbs for your home or office lighting, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes. Instead, aim for warmer LED or CMH lamps.

Utilize Natural Sunlight

While lamps and other artificial light sources give you the most control over illumination, you should never discount the advantages of natural sunlight. First and foremost, it provides you with Vitamin D — which can help improve your mood and your overall health. Moreover, natural light is one of the easiest ways to light your home without breaking the bank. Since natural light doesn’t add to your electricity bill, it’s a great way to keep your wallet happy, too!

Install Dimmer Switches For Better Sleep

If you’re considering a total redesign of your home’s lighting setup, you should definitely consider dimmers. While it may be costly (and unnecessary) to install them in every room, it is a good idea to add dimmers in your bedroom. Why? Because controlling the exact degree of lighting in your room can actually help you get better sleep. Needless to say, this can also have a positive effect on your mood and long-term mental health.

Remember Accent Lighting

Sometimes, lighting isn’t just a way to trigger dopamine in your brain. It can also function as a satisfying accompaniment to your home or workplace design. For example, let’s say that you have a small nook that functions as your “creative space.” Whether you use it to paint or write fan fiction, you may want to highlight this part of your home with accent lighting. Though this may not have a chemical effect on your mood, it can help show you, your family, as well as guests something you consider to be important or valuable in your life. Another type of lighting you could install is a neon lighting sign from Neon Mama which will not only be an additional source of ambient lighting, but also add an artistic feel to your home.

The Bottom Line

Lighting and mood are intrinsically linked. Though it may not be in your budget to do a total home or office redesign, you should still consider ways to take advantage of mood-improving lighting setups. Not only can this help your overall quality of life, but it can also help make your home or workspace a more enjoyable place to live and work!

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