How to Look and Feel Your Best — Even in Zoom Meetings

In the new world order, many people find themselves working from home. Video meetings are almost a daily event. Thankfully, if you want to appear on camera at things like zoom meetings with a better look, there are ways to do it.

Hair and Makeup

No one wants to go on camera looking like they just crawled out of bed, even if it is fact. Applying mascara will draw attention to your eyes and a natural concealer and blush will give your skin a healthier appearance. With regard to hair, keeping it neat and full will enhance your look. Using a hair conditioner and hair volume spray will allow you to achieve your desired results. 

Erase the Years

Cameras can pick up fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, caking on foundation isn’t going to offer the best results. Instead, try using anti-aging products that decrease their appearance naturally, and also help to diminish age spots, red marks, and other skin abrasions.

Improve Lighting

Blending into the background at zoom meetings doesn’t allow others to see you clearly. Creating depth through ample lighting will eliminate dark spots and gray areas. A daylight bulb that produces natural light gives you a healthy appearance. The placement of the light source is also important. Keep in mind, that light will bounce off walls and back to you. 

Avoid Backlighting

Sitting in front of a window may feel like the right thing to do to increase lighting. However, laptop cameras, especially high-end models, even out lighting received causing it to reject some of the natural light resulting in shadows. Instead, if you enjoy the natural light of your window, face it. 

Room Settings

Recent events now invite many people into your home. Your private sanctuary is no longer your own. Zoom meetings can contain your superiors and disclosing your room’s contents may not be something you want to reveal. Decluttering the space and selecting items you want to remain within view is something to consider. You may want to remove from view certain personal collections that may influence others and cause them to view you differently. Unfortunately, the wrong impression is something hard to erase. 

The Camera Angle

The camera angle is important to achieve the best look and position. A camera angled partially down, basically on level with your hairline, will prove more flattering. Many people think that they need to sit on top of the screen. Unfortunately, this will give your appearance a distorted look. Also, keep in mind that a wide-angle will produce a similar outcome.

Sit up Straight

You’ve heard the words “sit up straight” throughout your life from your parents and teachers. Not only does it benefit your posture, it also makes you look professional and healthier. Slouching in front of a camera creates a distorted appearance that can make even a fit person appear heavier. 

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Zoom meetings are now part of your daily professional life. Conducting these meetings sitting on a couch or your bed will not transfer your image well. Sitting in an office chair or even at the kitchen table will encourage proper sitting and prevent slouching. Make sure that the height of the chair allows you to sit straight comfortably. 

Prepare for Distractions

Many people tend to do business alongside other family members. This can lead to embarrassing moments. While you can inform those at home of meeting times and the rules that apply, it doesn’t always pan out. Investing in a good headset will help eliminate at least some background noise. 

Due to the pandemic, many people now conduct business from home. Thankfully, looking your best is something that you can achieve relatively easily.