How To Upgrade Your Package To Child Resistant

Brands that sell any type of consumables that could potentially pose safety risks to children should consider upgrading to child resistant packaging. Household cleaners, pharmaceutical products, supplements and herbal medicines not currently packaged in child proof packaging may be in violation of the requirements for special packaging set forth in the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act. Learn how to affordably and quickly upgrade to child resistant packaging.

Finding Affordable Family Safe Package

Child proof packaging dates back to the late 1960s. Significant advances in materials and designs have made this packaging more affordable than before, and made more child resistant features possible. This airtight, lightweight and durable type of packaging is an affordable way for small-to-medium brands making age-restricted consumables to protect products and families. 

Once you decide to package products in stand up pouches or lay flat pouches, you can choose from CR packaging that is single-use or has resealable CR zippers. A packaging specialist can help you select materials that are affordable and that meet any additional standards you have for environmental sustainability or consumer safety.

Feel Safe With Your Package

It is important for brands considering packaging for snacks or products that are covered by the PPPA to feel confident about the packaging they choose. CR packaging is constructed to be difficult for kids under the age of five to open or otherwise obtain a sufficient amount of the contents to be potentially harmful in a reasonable amount of time. Packaging with CR features should also be simple for adults to use without raising accessibility issues.

Flexible single use CR pouches or pouches that feature resealable CR zippers can provide business owners with greater peace of mind. The ability to design and print small to medium runs of pouches affordably makes it more feasible for small-to-medium sized brands to test out a run of new packaging without having a lot of outdated materials on hand should they decide to modify or redesign packaging at any point.

Child Resistant Package Designs

The most widely used CR packaging for rigid plastic containers are caps or closures that require users to push down and turn to open containers. Single-use flexible packaging can simplify the user experience by being more difficult for a child who is under the age of five to tear or puncture. 

CR packaging made of Mylar has been tested and certified by third party agencies to meet PPPA requirements. Brands can select certified CR resealable pouches that are made with post consumer recycled materials and comply with Federal Poison Prevention Act, Title CFR / 16 Part 1700, and ASTM D3475. This type of packaging can also display high resolution, full color designs with photo quality images and safe use labeling.

A packaging supplier can recommend CR packaging that meets any relevant regulatory requirements. Lightweight flexible packaging is durable and protects contents throughout distribution, shipping and sale. Once an end consumer purchases a product, CR packaging can help to reduce the risk of unintentional exposure and keep consumables fresh.